Window Of World is a website that provides a variety of information from various parts of the world. We innovate to provide a simple information in digital form that is packaged in a website that can be accessed by everyone, anytime, with just one touch only.

We take information from several sources, either from books, other websites or videos or other sources of information. Because our main goal is to provide information to parts of the world for learning or various scientific insights so we are looking for related sources of information from many sources available.

Our office is in the country of Indonesia, the history of the formation of this website is taken from the word slogan here which is “Reading is the window of the world”. But in this digital era, people rarely go to book stores or libraries to read, so We hereby try our utmost to provide or replace the culture in digital form.

If there is an abuse of copyright in this website, you can contact us at email: [email protected] . Because we are also just human beings who cannot escape from mistakes, but we take all information from the parties that are wisely related.

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