Afraid to buy online? Looking for Scottish, Irish, Celtic


Afraid to buy online? Looking for Scottish, Irish, Celtic

Bang to buy online? Looking for Scottish, Irish, Celtic music?

Buying online for many people can be a challenging task; especially for those who are not completely familiar with the internet. Who to trust, where to go, how to do it? If you are interested in the best of Scottish Mouse CD and DVD, the following introduction will be useful to you.

Our newly affiliated website makes it easy, fast and safe to watch, search and buy Scottish, Irish and Celtic music CD and DVD. The site boasts an extensive collection of all kinds of music; especially on Scottish, Irish and Celtic genres with many albums by fiddlers, tractors, pipers, etc. available.

Scottish music can be increasingly difficult to get the source, Tommy Newcomen at is always available to help source titles through its network of contacts within the Scottish recording and distribution industry. Visit the website at and give Tommy a phone with the number on the website. allows users to find the many categories available, such as Accordion, Big Band, Bothy, Box Sets, Celtic Moods, Comedy, Classical, Country, Easy Listening, Female, Fiddle, Flute, Pipes, Folk, Guitar, Gaelic Lute, Harp, Irish, Traditional, Mouth Orange, Party, Piano, Pipe Band, Scottish Fever, Country Dance, Vocal, Oldies, Video, DVD and World Music etc. Users can also easily search by product name or description, track names are also included in the search (useful if you are looking for a single song). Once you have decided what you want to buy, add items to your basket, fill in a few details and check out. Musicscotland offers the option to pay via PayPal or Check / Cash at the store in Blairgowrie, Scotland.


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