Agloco Forum site

Agloco Forum site

Agloco Forum site

Build Community, Make More Money
Through our Referral Program, we appreciate those who helped build this Global Community. The bigger the community, the more money AGLOCO makes for its Members.
What’s the catch?
Without catches. Register, refer your friends, download the free Viewbar? software and surf the Internet as usual.
Privacy Count.
Your information will never be sold, rented, or shared with others. Bullet proof privacy is AGLOCO’s core commitment.

AGLOCO: Internet’s First Economic Network
Today’s hottest internet business is about the power of social networking. Companies like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and Double Click have been worth billions because businesses have realized that this social network generates enormous advertising and marketing opportunities.

When this social network grows, economic potential for the owner? and advertisers targeting sites? What is a user? extraordinary.
At AGLOCO, we ask a simple question: Users create a community, where is their profit share?
From this question AGLOCO set out to make the Internet? The first Economic Network, utilizes the power of Internet-based social networking to directly benefit Members who help create community.
Becoming an AGLOCO member is as easy as completing a short registration page (name, age, location, and email address.).


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