Another Dracula, Another Flop

This week Warner Brothers at the Walt Disney company in transforming an attempt to Broadway from a place with a whisper of hope for social relevance in what works the intellectual equivalent of Mickey Mouse Caper offer.

For example, if Disney could do it, for example, The Lion King, why could Warner Brothers not find a property to acquire Broadway fame? Unfortunately, their imagination never increased higher than repeating the Dracula legend, based on contemporary writers who are strange in the novel.

Warner has hired the same songwriter who hired Disney for The Lion King, Elton John and his relatively invisible songwriter Bernie Taupin to prove Disney’s path to moronic megabucks.

Fortunately, the show was a no-go from the beginning. The word of the mouth was devastating and the reviews showed that the oral sound was brilliant.

The question is why anyone, with all over the world of properties to choose or to create a wild bet, even create an original one, chooses Dracula’s exhausted and irrelevant legend?

As we say, trying to work with an idea that does not have your own life, you can get a dead body, but you can not sing and dance, and once you let go, you have to fall off.