Are there spyware and adware on your computer?

Surprising fact is that 85% to 90% of computers connected to the internet are currently infected by certain types of adware and spyware! – CNN sources

This malicious software program Invades your privacy and sends personal and personal data to third parties and also takes up hard drive space and slows down your PC.

Spyware tracks your online surfing habits. It monitors every location that you visit and what you are looking for on that site. Spyware programs can even track any keystrokes you make on the keyboard and record every bit of data that you add to online forms, such as name, location, and credit card data when you make a purchase. This can lead to identity piracy and theft of personal and personal credit card information. Your PC surfing habits and personal and personal information are then sold to third parties.

Adware is another type of spyware. This doesn’t work by tracking your information like spyware, but what it can do is actually change your browser settings without your permission. This can cause advertisements to appear on your PC. Toolbar can also be installed on your computer without your knowledge. Most of us are not aware of the existence of adware programs installed on our computers so that it starts to slow down, freeze, blue screens or programs stop working properly.

The spyware business is a billion-dollar industry a year with people getting very rich selling the information they steal about you.

Downloading and installing anti-spyware software will remove and protect your computer from spyware, adware, keyloggers, pop ups, trojans, and worms.

You can do this if you want to visit and download an amazing anti-spyware program that will scan, delete, and protect your computer from all these hidden parasites.