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Armenia: Only Turkey’s Change in Attitude Can Overcome the Nagorno-Karabakh Crisis

Armenia: Only Turkey’s Change in Attitude Can Overcome the Nagorno-Karabakh Crisis – Prime Minister (PM) of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan believes that only a change in Turkey’s attitude can ensure Azerbaijan stops military action in Nagorno-Karabakh.

But during the first interview since a ceasefire agreement was agreed in Moscow in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict on Saturday, he gave no indication to Reuters that he saw any change in Turkey’s attitude.

Since the conflict broke out on September 27, Turkey has supported Azerbaijan and declared that Armenian troops must leave the region. Nagorno-Karabakh is an internationally recognized part of Azerbaijan but is led and inhabited by ethnic Armenians.

Turkey said it should play a role in international discussions about the conflict but this idea was rejected by Armenia. The Turkish-mediated ceasefire has been widely violated by both sides. Both accused each other of being the perpetrators of attacks and crimes against civilians.

Speaking at his official residence, the massive Soviet-era building in the center of Armenia’s capital, Yerevan, Pashinyan accused Turkey of sabotaging the ceasefire and extending influence to the South Caucasus to continue its expansionist ambitions.

“I am sure that as long as Turkey’s position remains unchanged, Azerbaijan will not stop fighting,” said Pashinyan.

Azerbaijan has said it is open to a temporary humanitarian ceasefire agreed in Moscow for the exchange of prisoners and bodies of those killed in the war. But Azerbaijan accuses Armenian troops of violating it. Yerevan rejected the accusations.

Azerbaijan says it agrees to further war after a ceasefire to control more territories.

Pashinyan said Turkey had publicly affirmed before the ceasefire negotiations that it believed Azerbaijan should continue fighting. The Turkish Foreign Minister also called the Azerbaijan minister after the negotiations.

Pashinyan suspects the purpose of the telepeon from Turkey is an order not to be afraid under any circumstances to stop fighting.

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