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Process of Developing Your Baby’s Vision


Process of Developing Your Baby’s Vision

Windowofworld.com – Seeing your little angel taking birth into the world must be very happy. You may also be impatient waiting for your little one to stare and recognize your face. However, from what age can babies see? Come on, recognize the process of developing your baby’s vision.

Once born, babies can actually see. It’s just that, his vision is still very limited, which is only about 20-30 cm, or as far as the distance between you and your little one when being breastfed.

Apart from not being able to see long distances clearly, both of his eyeballs were not able to move properly simultaneously, so his vision was not focused.

Little One’s Vision Stages

Your little one’s eyes and ability to see at birth are not yet perfect. However, the process of rapid development of the sense of sight will occur in the first months of life.

The following are the stages in the development of the ability to see in babies:

Second month

If in the first month your little one is only interested in black, white, or bright colors and can’t distinguish similar colors like red and orange, in the second month your baby will begin to learn to distinguish colors.

You can foster this by showing a variety of books, toys, pictures, and photos in bright colors.

Fourth month

At the end of the third month, he will become interested in paying attention to moving objects. This is even more so if the object has an interesting pattern and shape. Entering the fourth month, babies begin to enjoy seeing the faces of the people around them, and recognizing the faces of their parents. Even from a distance, your little one can already recognize some familiar faces.

In the fourth month, the baby’s visual acuity has improved. Likewise with motor development. That’s why four month old babies begin to enjoy pulling on your earrings, glasses, glasses, or hair. At this age, babies also enjoy seeing their own reflection in the mirror.

In order to help your little one’s motor and vision development at this stage, you can stimulate your little one by giving him colorful toys that he can hold and move, such as rattles.

The fifth month

By the fifth month, babies can already recognize one object, even though they have only seen a small part of the shape of the object. He has also started to follow moving objects and see objects that are small in size. He can distinguish light colors and could be introduced to pastel colors.

In this fifth month, your little one can start imitating your facial expressions. You can invite him to play peekaboo to stimulate his visual abilities.

Eighth month to 1 year of age

In the eighth month, your little one’s eyesight is nearly perfect, even as good as adult eyesight. Eight-month-old babies are able to see far distances more clearly, although not as good as near-distance vision.

Arriving at the ninth month, your little one’s eyesight is even sharper and can pick up very small objects. He can also point and ask for objects that are nearby.

By the age of 1 year, your baby will begin to see clearly. He can easily recognize people he already knows, even from a distance, and can distinguish between far and near.

Now you already know how your baby’s vision develops and when the baby is at age it can see clearly. Invite your little one to play and stimulate their visual abilities by providing a variety of toys that have interesting shapes and colors.

The speed of the development process of each child is not the same, including the development of the sense of sight. However, if your little one shows signs of visual disturbances, for example not responding to bright or luminous colored objects, the shape of your little one’s eyes looks abnormal, the right and left eyes are very different, or the eyelids cannot open, immediately get your little one checked by a doctor.

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