2 Ways to Choose Bath Soap for Healthy Skin

Windowofworld.com – Bathing is an important part of maintaining a healthy routine. Especially after being exposed to germs that can stick to the skin along with dust and dirt. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a bath soap that is able to fight bacteria while cleaning dirt and maintaining healthy skin.

As we already know, the benefits of bathing are to maintain cleanliness and healthy skin and hair. But besides that, bathing can also increase body metabolism and mood.

Choosing the Right Soap

There are so many choices of soap available on the market, and not all soaps have the same content and benefits. To maintain healthy skin, it is recommended to take a shower every day and choose the right soap, according to the special needs of your skin:

1. Natural and Skin-friendly Material

It is important to choose materials that are friendly to the skin, so that the skin can be kept clean and avoid irritation. Choose mild soaps, which generally contain natural ingredients such as fruits. For example, soap containing apricots can slow, prevent, and fight free radicals that can be one of the causes of skin damage, because apricots contain antioxidants.

2. Scrub

To clean up to the pores, you can use soap containing fine granules or scrubs. These fine grains are able to clean the surface of the skin to the pores by lifting and reducing the buildup of dead skin cells and dirt from the skin layer.

Although the effectiveness of soap is generally the same, there are choices of soaps with antibacterial ingredients aimed at prioritizing skin hygiene to stay healthy. Especially in certain conditions that allow exposure to many germs. Like when sick or caring for sick people.

Other Ways to Maintain Skin Health?

In addition to bathing regularly and correctly, other ways to maintain healthy skin that can be done include:

1. Use a moisturizer

Avoid bathing too long because it can make the skin dry. The recommended time limit for bathing is about 10 minutes. After bathing, you are advised to use a moisturizer or moisturizer. This is because the skin’s moisture will usually be lifted in the shower. Moisturizer is able to maintain water levels in the skin tissue, so the skin can be properly hydrated.

2. Use sunscreen

The use of sunscreen is very important to maintain skin health because it is able to protect the skin from direct sun exposure. Make sure that sunscreen is worn that is able to dispel UV-A and UV-B rays well, so that premature aging, appearance of wrinkles, and small brown spots on the skin can be prevented. Not only that, this step also reduces the risk of skin cancer.

3. Live a healthy diet

Skin health is also influenced by the food consumed. If you want to have healthy skin, it is advisable to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts and protein, and avoid saturated fats.

4. Sports

Maintaining healthy skin can also be done by regular exercise. This is because exercise can improve blood circulation so that it can make the skin stay healthy.

So, take a bath regularly at least twice a day, especially after activities that cause excessive sweating such as exercise. Because, bacteria can multiply quickly in damp clothes that are full of sweat. Don’t forget to always choose the right soap for your skin, so that the skin remains healthy.