Beautiful Russian model rumored to have twins from Putin ‘disappeared’

Beautiful Russian model rumored to have twins from Putin 'disappeared'
Beautiful Russian model rumored to have twins from Putin 'disappeared'

Beautiful Russian model rumored to have twins from Putin ‘disappeared’ – Alina Kabaeva, 37, a beautiful Russian model who has long been rumored to be President Vladimir Putin lover “disappeared” from the public since last year. The woman who is said to have twins from the Kremlin leader is also known as a politician and media mogul.

Before disappearing from the public, he enjoyed two decades of fame. First as a talented gymnast and then as a model to Russian media mogul. She reportedly has four children by the leader of the Red Bear nation.

Kabaeva was a teenager when she first jumped onto the world stage with sequins. Her strength, flexibility and skill with rhythmic gymnastics balls and ribbons earned her acclaim as “the most flexible woman in Russia.”

At the height of his athletic fame — winning a bronze medal at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney and a gold medal in Athens four years later — the then-married Putin, also a fan of judo and ice hockey, first met Kabaeva.

Since retiring from gymnastics in 2005, Uzbekistan-born Kabaeva has tried a series of new careers, all of which took advantage of her fame in gymnastics.

Singing career was tried and has been abandoned.

She’s been a model occasionally, having appeared in a $ 33,000 gold dress for the cover of Vogue Russia.

For eight years, he held a seat in Russia’s lower-level parliament, the Duma, which was recruited by United Russia, a party that supports Putin.

In 2008, Kabaeva was for the first time rumored to be Russia’s “Secret First Lady”.

A Russian tabloid at the time reported that Putin was dating a woman half his age; Kabaeva, and he will ask for a divorce from his wife who has been together for 30 years so he can marry her ..

Because of this exclusive report, the tabloid was forced to close. The owner, who is a billionaire, said he was experiencing financial difficulties.

Since then, the Kremlin has flatly denied anything to do with Putin’s love life. President Putin himself has been aggressively silent on the issue.

In the Russian press, asking about the personal life of the Kremlin’s number one was considered risky.

“I’ve always had negative feelings about people inserting dirty noses and erotic fantasies into other people’s lives,” snapped Putin on one occasion, The Sunday Times reported on Friday (9/10/2020).

Putin’s silence has made European tabloids continue to be a factory of rumors about the president’s life with Alina Kabaeva.


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