What are the Benefits of Avocados for Babies?

Windowofworld.com – The benefits of avocados for babies because of the variety of nutrients in them, including vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, are to support the growth and development of infants. That is why avocado is one of the earliest foods as a recommended side dish.

Avocados have a natural, soft texture, making them ideal for porridge or puree for babies. In addition, the avocado taste is also mild and delicious, making it easy for babies to like. Although classified as a fruit, but the avocado does not have excessive sweet taste compared to other fruits.

Avocado Benefits

The benefits of avocados are very diverse, including as a source of protein, because it has a high protein content compared to other fruits. Avocados contain only a few carbohydrates which will increase sugar levels, so it won’t make the baby consume excess sugar.

The important benefits of avocados for babies are monounsaturated fatty acids which reduce the risk of inflammation. In addition, omega 3 fatty acids in avocado content are very useful in supporting the development of the baby’s brain.

There are also a variety of other benefits of consuming avocados for babies, including:

  • Avocados are a good source of vitamins C and K and are needed for growth, and repair of body tissues.
  • Avocados contain folate, and potassium which helps regulate blood pressure. In addition, avocados also contain manganese which is involved in brain and nerve function.
  • Avocados contain dietary fiber which is important for intestinal health.

Although avocados do not contain high iron, the folate, vitamin C, B6, and riboflavin content can help iron absorption, so that avocado as complementary foods can prevent anemia.

Easy Ways to Serve Avocados for Babies?

Apart from being nutrient-dense, avocados are recommended as food for babies because they are easy to prepare. You can provide avocados for babies when the baby is 6 months old, or at least 4 months. If necessary, consult with your doctor first to determine the right time for giving food support breats milk.

Before making avocado offerings for babies, you should be observant when buying avocados. Choose fresh avocados without chemicals, and avoid avocados with black spots or other damage seen on the skin. Choose which has a slightly darker skin tone and feels soft when pressed. Don’t choose avocados that are too hard or too soft.

The next step after you buy an avocado for babies is to slice the avocado in the middle until it splits. Set aside avocado seeds. Then take the contents of the avocado using a spoon.

After all the avocado contents have been taken, remove the skin, and blend the avocado contents in a blender until smooth. Add water according to baby’s needs. You can also smooth avocados with breast milk or formula milk.

If your baby is only 4-6 months old, the avocado for babies should be very delicate and watery, like breast milk. When babies are 6-8 months old, avocados can be served in a rather thick and soft form.

Providing avocados for babies is highly recommended, because of the various nutritional benefits in them. How to present an avocado for babies is also quite easy, so it can be the right choice for food support breast milk. Make sure you start introducing baby foods according to their age level, and complete with other food variations. Do not forget to continue breastfeeding according to the needs of your child.