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Benefits of Baby Spa for Child Growth


Benefits of Baby Spa for Child Growth

Now baby spas are a popular baby care choice. Massage and water therapy are the most common activities found in baby spas. Baby spa can be done since the baby was a few days old until he was 8-9 months.

Baby spa is actually a place that offers a series of physical therapies, such as massage and water therapy for babies. Baby spa can help children get the experience of relaxation and stimulation to support their growth and development

Baby Spa Choices and Benefits
Water massage and therapy are believed to be able to stimulate the baby’s motor development, and if done with parents, this activity can strengthen the bond between parents and babies.

Choose baby spa treatments performed by trained personnel, so that they are safer and have the maximum benefits.

There are several treatments that can be done at a baby spa and each has different benefits. The following is the explanation:


Massage therapy for babies
Massage therapy is one treatment that can be done at a baby spa. Massage therapy is useful for reducing the stress felt by the baby, making the baby more calm so that he does not often fuss or cry, and helps the baby sleep well.

In addition, massage therapy is also believed to be able to help increase a baby’s weight. This is associated with vagal nerve stimulation which can increase the absorption of nutrients by the digestive tract. In premature babies, massage therapy can even improve sleep patterns, circulation, and skin health, as well as make the heart rate and brain activity more stable.

Actually baby massage can not only be done by a therapist, parents can also learn how to massage the baby properly. Massaging the baby can help improve the mood of the mother and reduce the risk of the mother experiencing depression after giving birth. Mother can take turns with Dad to massage Little One, so Dad can also build bonds with his baby.

Now, to get the benefits of massage, do massage when your little one is not hungry or too full. In addition, avoid massaging the baby before bedtime.

Water therapy (hydrotherapy / aquatic therapy) for babies
Water therapy is a natural treatment method that has long been used by various cultures in the world. The use of water in various temperatures is known to provide different benefits for each part of the body.

Water therapy in infants is done by inviting babies to soak in a tub of water that has a warm temperature, between 35-36 degrees Celsius. In infants, this therapy aims to provide pleasure and strengthen bonds between infants and parents. In water therapy, babies are not taught how to swim, but are allowed to move their arms and legs freely.

Water therapy is not just a pleasant spa treatment, but also can bring benefits. A study states that premature babies who do water therapy have better sleep quality and look more relaxed.

Although it still requires further research, water therapy can help babies move their arms and legs, stretch muscles, and improve balance and coordination.

To get the benefits of this water therapy, it is recommended that you take your child to the baby’s spa after breastfeeding and at the hours when he is active. Bringing your child for water therapy during naps or nursing hours can make them not enjoy this therapy and are more fussy because they feel hungry and tired.

Tips for Choosing a Baby Spa
Currently, quite a number of baby spas offer a variety of baby treatments. However, Mother does not need to be confused in choosing it. Choose a baby spa that:

Pocketing a certificate
Choose a baby spa that has a certified and trained therapist. A spa that has a certified and trained therapist will make you more calm to entrust your Little Care.

Having facilities and a comfortable atmosphere
A spa with facilities and a comfortable atmosphere will make Mother and Little also feel at home there to do spa treatments.

Use safe products
Make sure the products and equipment used by the baby spa are safe for babies. Mother can ask the employee who served in the spa.

Baby spas do have a variety of benefits. Even so, not all babies can be taken to the spa. If your child has special needs or certain medical conditions, you should consult with your pediatrician first to find out what type of therapy is appropriate and safe for your child’s condition.

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