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Benefits of Garlic in Overcoming Hypertension


Benefits of Garlic in Overcoming Hypertension

Garlic is one of the natural ingredients that is often used in medicine, including to reduce high blood pressure or hypertension. However, is it true that garlic is able to overcome hypertension?

is a disease that is experienced by many Indonesian people. Based on data from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia in 2018, an increase in the number of patients with hypertension compared to the previous 5 years.

Someone said to have hypertension if the blood pressure has reached 140/90 mmHg or more. Hypertension can cause dangerous complications in various organs of the body, such as kidney failure, heart attack, or stroke, if left untreated.

Garlic Can Reduce Cholesterol
Garlic can help reduce cholesterol, which is one of the factors causing increased blood pressure. In this case, garlic works by inhibiting the absorption of cholesterol from food in the digestive tract.

Garlic is also able to inhibit the action of the enzyme HMG-CoA (3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A) reductase and hepatic cholesterol 7α-hydroxylase which plays a major role in forming cholesterol. Thus, cholesterol production will decrease.

Overcoming Hypertension with Garlic
In addition to lowering cholesterol, which can indirectly reduce blood pressure, garlic also contains substances that help maintain blood pressure to remain normal. According to research, natural substances in garlic that can reduce blood pressure, include:

Allicin (allyl 2-propenethiosulfinate or diallyl thiosulfinate)
Allyl methyl thiosulfonate
1-propenyl allyl thiosulfonate

The substances contained in garlic work by stimulating the body to produce nitric oxide (NO) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S). Both of these substances will reduce tension in blood vessels which makes blood pressure increase. Slightening of the arteries will be followed by a fall in blood pressure.

In addition, garlic also works by inhibiting the action of endothelin 1 and angiotensin II substances, which in turn also relaxes blood vessels.

But unfortunately, the active ingredient in one clove of garlic with one another is not necessarily the same, so the therapeutic effect obtained will also be different.

Therefore, before using garlic as an alternative therapy to treat hypertension, you should consult with an internist or a nutritionist first.

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