Benefits of Oxytocin Massage during Breastfeeding

Massage is a health therapy that is widely used by people for various purposes. Starting from overcoming aches, drive out fatigue, to help expedite breast milk (ASI) breastfeeding mothers. Specifically to facilitate breastfeeding, massage is done by oxytocin massage techniques.

The hormone oxytocin is very important for women. The hormone produced in the brain called the hypothalamus plays a major role in several important processes in a woman’s life, including orgasm, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

How Oxytocin Works in the Breastfeeding Process
In the process of breastfeeding, the baby will touch the mother’s nipples. Then, nerve cells in the breast will send signals to the brain to release oxytocin. When the amount increases, this hormone causes the glands in the breast and milk duct to contract, and channel milk through the nipple.

You must remember that oxytocin only helps to release milk from the body. This hormone cannot affect the amount of breast milk produced in the body. Because milk production in the body is influenced by the hormone prolactin.

Massage Effects to Increase Oxytocin
Postpartum massage is known to have a number of benefits, including relaxing the body, relieving stress, reducing pain, making sleep better quality, helping the breastfeeding process, and restoring postpartum hormone balance.

Oxytocin massage is one of the many massage techniques performed after delivery. This massage technique can stimulate the nipples and is believed to be able to increase milk production. This is one reason why oxytocin massage is believed to help in the breastfeeding process.

There is a study to measure the effects of massage on oxytocin levels, as well as hormones and other compounds in the body. In that study, blood was drawn in about 100 participants twice, namely before and after massage with moderate pressure on the back. The results showed that an increase in oxytocin levels in the body of participants who were massaged.

Pay attention to the security side
The practice of massage is considered relatively safe. However there are several conditions that should avoid massage, including someone who has an open wound, has a blood disorder, or is taking certain medications.

It is also important to pay attention to how much pressure is applied during the massage. If the massage is too strong to cause pain, stop it immediately. Do not let the massage actually make your body become sick or even bruised.

If you feel the need to do oxytocin massage to support the process of breastfeeding, you should consult a lactation consultation service or obstetrician first, in order to get the best advice for smooth breastfeeding.