4 Benefits of Siwak for Oral and Dental Health

4 Benefits of Siwak for Oral and Dental Health

Windowofworld.com – Before knowing brushes and toothpaste, ancient people had used siwak to keep their teeth and mouth clean. Even though it isn’t used much, in fact siwak does have a variety of benefits that it’s a pity to miss.

Siwak or miswak is a stem or twig from an arak tree (Salvador persica). Trees that are included in the category of shrubs are commonly found in the Middle East region.

The benefits of Siwak for oral health are indeed no doubt. One of them is to prevent cavities. No wonder the tradition of cleansing (cleaning teeth with siwak) is still quite popular in Middle Eastern countries and some African countries.

Various benefits of Siwak for oral health

There are many natural ingredients in siwak that are believed to be able to maintain healthy teeth and mouth, including alkaloids, silica, sodium bicarbonate, chloride, and fluoride. In addition, siwak also contains other natural ingredients, such as vitamin C, calcium, sulfur, essential oils, and tannins.

Here are some of the benefits that you can get from routine cleaning your teeth using siwak:

1. Prevent cavities and maintain tooth strength

Siwak is believed to prevent cavities. This benefit can be obtained thanks to the essential oils contained in the siwak, and how to use it which must be chewed first so as to increase the production of saliva in the mouth.

This saliva can help maintain the pH balance in the oral cavity. That way, the growth of bacteria that cause cavities can be suppressed.

In addition, siwak can also prevent tooth decay, there by helping to maintain tooth strength.

2. Prevent bad breath and fresh breath

In addition to preventing cavities, cleansing is also useful for eliminating bad breath. This is because the siwak stem or twigs contain natural antibacterial substances that can inhibit the growth of germs that cause bad breath.

Generally, treatment products that use the basic ingredients of siwak will be combined with mint leaves to help refresh the breath.

3. Prevents the formation of dental plaque

Dental plaque can easily form if you are lazy to brush your teeth after eating. The rest of the food is still attached to the surface and between the teeth will accumulate and form plaque. Plaque can be converted by bacteria in the mouth into acids that can damage teeth.

To avoid this, you can clean your teeth with siwak. The silica content in Siwak can prevent the formation of dental plaque. Not only that, silica in siwak is also effective for removing yellow stains on teeth.

4. Protect the gums

Another benefit that you can get from routine cleaning your teeth with siwak is protecting the gums. The reason, siwak is able to prevent the formation of plaque and bacterial growth between the teeth and gums, thereby reducing the risk of inflammation of the gums (gingivitis).

How to use Siwak?

Actually, how to clean or use a siwak to brush your teeth is quite easy. You only need to use it like you’re brushing your teeth using an ordinary toothbrush.

Here are the steps to use Siwak to clean teeth:

  • Cut and peel the edges of the siwak about 1 cm.
  • Chew the tip of the siwak that has been peeled until the fiber of the stem is open and forms fur.
  • When it is soft and forms brush bristles, soak the siwak immediately in water.
  • Clean the teeth with the part of the siwak that has shaped the feather.

When the siwak hair has begun to break down, you can cut and remove the remaining fiber. Peel again the tip of the siwak skin, then chew to form a new brush bristles.

Nowadays, there are many dental care products that use Siwak wood extract, making it easier and more practical for you to get a variety of benefits of Siwak.

Utilization of Siwak-Based Products

Seeing the many benefits of Siwak for oral health, it’s no wonder that the World Health Organization (WHO) has approved Siwak as an oral hygen agent.

However, if you want to get the benefits of siwak in a more practical way, you can use toothpaste that contains siwak. Toothpaste products containing siwak can also be enriched by mint leaf extract, so that it can make your mouth more fragrant and fresher.

Siwak has been used for a long time to maintain oral health. Apart from halal, this material also has many benefits that have been medically proven. Even so, if you want to use siwak or products made from siwak, it never hurts to consult first with your doctor, especially if you have allergies to the ingredients in the product.

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4 Benefits of Siwak for Oral and Dental Health - Window Of World

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