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Beware, these are 5 dangers of working from the bed


Beware, these are 5 dangers of working from the bed

Windowofworld.com – The temptation to work in a comfortable environment – especially one surrounded by fluffy pillows and soft sheets – can be hard to resist. A number of people also say support that working from the bed helps reduce anxiety and stimulate creativity.

But did you know that doing work where you sleep actually has more of a detrimental effect on physical and psychological health.

According to Bright Side quoted Monday (3/5/2021), there are five reasons why changing your bed into an “office” may not be a good idea. Here is the review:

1. Cluttering the Brain and Sleep Patterns

Sleep expert and neurology professor Rachel Salas says that when you work in bed, your mind begins to associate that space with activity instead of rest. Confusion can throw you out of your normal sleep patterns and lead to insomnia or circadian rhythm disturbances.

Using electronics in bed can also cause health problems.

Exposure to blue light at night stops the secretion of melatonin, otherwise known as the sleep hormone, which affects our natural body clock. Lack of sleep can cause various heart diseases and disorders.

2. Affect Your Productivity

If you feel stressed about bringing work home, imagine taking it to the bedroom.

One survey noted that 72% of American respondents admitted to working from the bed, and they were more likely to experience sleep problems due to anxiety and stress.

This also affects the quality of poor sleep and reduces energy levels and work productivity.

In addition, if your bedroom has a dim atmosphere, you are also more likely to feel tired.

3. Damaging Your Posture

The mattress layout and soft surface encourage a bent or supine position. Over time, this consistent posture will cause body aches, especially in the neck, back, and hips.

Mayo Clinic’s health care systems engineering director, Susan Hallbeck, PhD, emphasizes that just because you don’t feel tension right now doesn’t mean that negative effects aren’t happening.

He added that by the time the pain recurred, it might be too late to fix the problem. Severe cases may include permanent back stiffness and arthritis.

4. The Bed Becomes Heaven for Bacteria

When your skin comes into contact with the sheet, the friction strips away the outer layer of your skin cells.

According to dermatologist Alok Vij, MD, these skin cells carry oil, sweat, and saliva, and serve as an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites. Prolonged interactions with these organisms can cause allergies, asthma attacks, or skin diseases.

A study of bacteria samples from mattresses also found that the bedding is dirtier than the bathroom.

1 week old pillowcases have more than 17,000 times more colony-forming units per square inch than toilet seats, and 1 week old bed linen has more than 24,000 times more bacteria than bathroom door handles.

5. Can Affect Your Relationship With Your Partner

One study found that interrupting cell phones while in the company of a partner may have an indirect impact on relationship satisfaction and depression.

The same logic applies to other electronic gadgets that are used to work.

Our minds also associate the bed with being the place we are meant to share with our partners.

Working out of bed with your partner can cause your partner to feel neglected, and ultimately release that space from the concept of being together.


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