6 Tricks for the Birthing Process to Run Smoothly

6 Tricks for the Birthing Process to Run Smoothly
6 Tricks for the Birthing Process to Run Smoothly

6 Tricks for the Birthing Process to Run Smoothly

Windowofworld.com – Every woman would want a birthing process to run smoothly. However, unfortunately this can not be obtained with a flash and without effort. At least there are some tricks you can try to make your labor go smoothly.

No one can be sure how your labor will turn out, even though a doctor. Therefore, you must prepare it well in advance before the time comes. Good preparation can help you go through labor more easily.

This is the Trick so that Your Childbirth Smoothly

There are 6 tricks you can practice so that your labor goes smoothly, namely:

1. Know the ins and outs of the world of childbirth

Before the delivery process arrives, you are advised to learn everything related to childbirth, such as:

  • Signs you will give birth.
  • When to hurry to the maternity house.
  • Relaxation techniques recommended by the doctor.
  • The right way to push.
  • Possible complications that can occur.

You can ask your obstetrician about these things or read articles about childbirth. If you still don’t understand, you can take classes for pregnant women. If necessary, also invite your partner to attend the class.

Knowing the ins and outs of the world of childbirth can make you better prepared both physically and mentally in the face of big moments. That way, your birth can automatically run more easily.

2. The body must be fit

The labor process will take up a lot of energy, especially if this is your first experience. In order to smoothly live it, you are required to have a fit body. With a fit body, you will be better equipped to face your labor.

So that you stay fit during pregnancy, it is recommended to adopt a healthy lifestyle. You can try exercising lightly by relaxing, swimming, yoga, and pregnancy exercise regularly.

3. Don’t forget to eat

Childbirth is a long process and enough energy can even trigger fatigue. So, prepare your body as well as possible. One way is to eat regularly before labor. If you plan to have a normal childbirth, you can eat snacks during the initial phase of labor while you are still at home.

Choose healthy foods that are easily digested and fat free. Eat just enough because it is too full can also make you feel nauseous. Recommended foods are cereal, biscuits, soup, yogurt, or sandwiches.

To prepare for the delivery process, do not forget to meet the fluid needs. How, multiply drinking water. During delivery, muscle contractions and breathing can change quickly and can make you lose a lot of fluid quickly. In addition to drinking water, you can also drink isotonic drinks to maintain electrolyte levels in your body.

4. Don’t lie down continuously

You are advised to stand up occasionally as you approach labor. Standing upright position can make the baby’s head pressing against the cervix and opening faster. So, don’t spend time just lying in bed. If you are tired, you can sit on the bed.

In addition, you are also advised to familiarize yourself with the position of the body upright or against gravity since a few weeks before delivery.

5. Have a labor companion

Having a birthing companion will make you calmer when you go through labor. Its existence will greatly help you when you are helpless, and help encourage you.

The companion of labor can be a husband, family, or friend. Whoever the person is, make sure that they already know the birth plan that you want to go through and the ins and outs of the world of childbirth. You can discuss with your companion about important things that must be known during labor.

6. Follow all directions of the medical team

You may have planned what you want to give birth to, but no one knows what your condition will be when the day comes. Even so, you are advised to remain calm and entrust everything to the doctor who helps you during labor.

The six tricks described above you can do so that your labor process will be smooth. Stay calm when you go through labor and don’t have to imagine scary things.

You have to believe in yourself that you can do it. Do not hesitate to also consult with a doctor and ask anything that confuses or scares you.


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