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Over the years (48 of them) I had a lot of time to review and participate in many different styles of humor and studied their different effects on the human psyche. I will convey much of my observations, thoughts and ramifications where humor is involved. Over the next few months I will write about the following topics: Cold Humor, Fat Humor, Bad Humor, Tasteless Humor and others.

Black humor: These are the kind of things that do not make the Darwin, but make the participant alive. In my findings, if it does not kill you, it’s funny. Make me work out as you undoubtedly have seen of the terrible accidents that are depicted in the evening news. Everyone I think of myself is what they think of. It is clear to me that they do not think about what they are doing. Let me tell you about one of the cases I’ve heard years ago. Several guys have been sitting on the back yard and drinking beer, as parents will sometimes do. They also shoot 22s on anything that has moved. They have been doing it for some time, because the local wildlife lay over the place, with the empty beer cans, when one of the drunk participants saw a skunk. Now, if you know something, you know that they are not the perfect prey; they shoot back and although a direct hit by the skunk will not kill, it will take a while to explain to your significant others the events of your day. I divide back to the story. The skunk avoids the first 100 to 200 laps fired by the drunk fate and eventually found a hawker in a groundbreaker located at a certain angle so that the skunk can travel outside the reach of the drunk group. One of the drunkards decided to get the skunk to volunteer to leave his port by smoking him. So the drunkards start the dried grass and newspaper and throw it down. However, the skunk did not let go of his shelter, he stayed in the lodge. The drunkards then thought that because of the culvert’s angle that the smoke probably did not reach the skunk, they decided to make another attempt by throwing gasoline into the pit. They collected the 5 liter gas tank and threw all the contents into the culvert. After the gas threw, they tried to light the gas by throwing light matches to the gasoline. The lit matches will burn out before the gas is lit and so one of the drunkards, especially the one on which this black humor was written, decided to exploit the best way to explode the gasoline would be to get into the dive before the match being lit. he goes off At last he gets the gasoline lit and what happens next is a thing of beauty. I will paraphrase the news friends interview with witnesses. He came out of the pit as he was shot out of a cannon, burned with his hair and left a smoke track that had gone out of the pit. Over the backyard, the drunkards enjoyed the afternoon in the front yard where he lay. lubricate, hair away and burn to second and third grade burn over his face and upper body. Now it’s funny!