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What are the Risks of Breast Implants?

What are the Risks of Breast Implants?

Windowofworld.com – The existence of breasts is one of the features of a woman’s body. Unfortunately, as we get older, often these body parts are no longer as beautiful as before. This condition makes some women do breast implants to improve their appearance. But what is the actual risk of breast implants?

In general, there are two reasons why breast implant surgery is performed, namely the reasons for reconstruction and cosmetics. Breast reconstruction is usually done after removal of the breast due to a disease, such as breast cancer. While breast implants for cosmetic reasons, generally aims to improve appearance, through breast enlargement or tightening.

Types of Implants and Potential Complications Caused

Specifically, there are two types of breast augmentation with silicone mounting methods to choose from, namely silicone implants and injectable silicone. The difference between the two is in the form of the material that is inserted and how to put the material in. The material used in silicone implants is in the form of gel, while the basic ingredients of injectable silicone are in the form of liquid.

In the implantation procedure, silicone gel is inserted into the breast by dissecting the area around the breast, then the gel is placed above or below the chest muscle. Unlike silicone implants which are considered safe, injectable silicone is not recommended because it is considered to pose a health risk.


Breast implants itself consists of two types, namely saline and silicone. Saline implants are implants consisting of a silicone bag filled with sterile salt water. While silicone implants consist of a silicone bag that has been filled with silicone gel which is sticky and almost resembles human fat. Saline breast implants should only be done on patients aged 18 years and over, while for the type of silicone that is at least 22 years old.

Although safer than injectable silicone, both types of implants still have the potential to cause a number of complications, including:

  • Breast pain.
  • Infection.
  • Changes in sensitivity to the breasts and nipples.
  • Scarring that urges the position of the implant.
  • Implanted rupture or leak.

Breast Implant Process

Before the installation of breast implants, the patient will be sedated to sleep and not feel pain. In addition, patients will also be asked to stop using certain types of drugs.

Next the doctor makes an incision under the breast, arm, and around the nipple. How many incisions, depending on the type of implant, body shape, and how much changes are made to the breast.

The implant will then be inserted in a bag above or below the chest muscle. After completion, the surgeon will then close the incision. Surgical installation of breast implants generally lasts for 1-2 hours.

After the operation is finished, the patient’s breasts will be covered with gauze. In this condition, the patient’s breast will swell for some time and have scar tissue. However, this swelling will subside and scar tissue will disappear.

During the recovery period, the patient needs a special bra to support the breast. In addition, patients are also not allowed to lift heavy loads for about six weeks since surgery is performed so that conditions remain safe.

The breast implant procedure requires regular maintenance. MRI examination needs to be done after three years after implantation. This step aims to anticipate if there is damage to the implant.

If you have had breast implants, there is a possibility that you will have to undergo further surgery to replace the implants, especially if complications or changes in the shape and size of the breast occur. The longer the implant is implanted, the greater the risk of complications that may result.

Calculate with Matang

Before breast implants, you should carefully consider the health risks that may occur. Although very rare, breast implants can trigger cancer that attacks cells in the immune system. This condition is very dangerous because checking for cancer with a mammogram is even more difficult to do in the presence of breast implants.

If you plan to breastfeed your child later, you should reconsider your plans for breast implants. Some people who have breast implants successfully breastfeed, but some others fail. Until now it has not been known with certainty how much breast implants can affect the condition of breast milk.

In addition, medical costs must also be considered. The cost of breast implants is relatively expensive and most likely not covered by health insurance, especially if done for cosmetic purposes. In addition to breast implant funds, you also need to think about funds for further operations and other examinations. Consult with a plastic surgeon to get an overview of the procedure to be followed, along with the benefits and risks.

For those who have already had breast implants, it is important to conduct periodic examinations according to doctor’s recommendations. The slightest change should be immediately checked by a doctor to avoid dangerous risks. Do not let your dreams have a beautiful body shape failed to materialize or even cause health problems, because the calculations are less mature.

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