3 Tips for Breastfeeding Babies with Cleft Lips

Windowofworld.com – Breastfeeding a babies with a cleft lip is a challenge for its mother. This is because babies with cleft lip have problems in sucking and also swallowing. However, there are ways you can do to facilitate breastfeeding with cleft lip babies.

Cleft lip is a condition of congenital abnormality that is characterized by a gap or cleft in the upper lip. This disorder can occur due to the failure of tissue union in the lips in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Actually, a cleft lip in a baby can be treated by surgery. However, to carry out these operations, Mother must wait until the Little One is really ready. Usually a new operation can be carried out when the doctor decides the baby’s weight or age is sufficient.

Now, while waiting for the operation to arrive, your child still must get adequate milk to support growth and development. So, how can you keep giving maximum milk?

Tips for Breastfeeding Babies with Cleft Lip

When a baby with a cleft lip suckles, there is usually a gap between the lips and the breast of the mother. This will make it difficult for babies to suck breast milk from the breast. Therefore, to keep getting adequate intake of breast milk, babies with cleft lip should get adjustments to eating as early as possible.

Here are some tips for breastfeeding babies with cleft lip:

1. Adjust breastfeeding position

Mother must be good at positioning your nipples with your baby’s mouth. Try the mouth can cover all parts of the nipple. If necessary, you can cover the gap between the lips and breasts with your fingers. The goal is so that your child can easily suck your breast nipples.

The sign that Little has succeeded in sucking milk from the breast is the sound of swallowing. If the sound produced is only tasting, it means that the baby cannot suck breast milk. If like this, Mother is advised to breastfeed with other methods.

2. Don’t overfeed your child

Although he successfully sucked breast milk, a baby with a cleft lip would still have difficulty sucking his mother’s nipples. This is what makes them have to spend more energy while breastfeeding.

That is why, Mother is advised to breastfeed Little for 15-20 minutes. If more than that, Little will be exhausted and waste the energy he really needs to grow.

3. Breast milk pumps and special milk bottles

If the method of breastfeeding directly from the breast does not work for your child, another method you can use is to pump breast milk. To always meet the needs of baby’s milk, Mother is advised to pump eight times a day, including once at night.

For gift, now available special baby bottles with cleft lip, you know, Mom. Usually, this special bottle dot is made wider making it easier for your little one to suck breast milk. The position of the baby when breastfeeding is suggested to be a little upright and try to keep the pacifier position in the middle of the baby’s mouth.

Breastfeeding for babies with cleft lip is a little different, but it is still quite easy if the cleft lip is not too large. Even so, Mother should consult with your pediatrician or lactation consultant on how to give breast milk according to the conditions of your child.

It should be noted that the above technique cannot be used in infants who also have cleft palate. If your child has this problem, usually the mother is not recommended to breastfeed directly from the breast. Once again, ask your doctor about the best way to breastfeed for your child’s condition.