Bush wants to be cut off with Hollywood; Adding Dinner With

Bush wants to be cut with Hollywood; Schedules Lunch With Jane Fonda

President Bush, worried about the decline in his approval ratings, he decided to make a Hollywood attack a bastion of his disapproval ratings by scheduling lunch with one of his most persistent adversarial spokesmen Jane Fonda.

Mr. Bush said I’m looking forward to meeting with me. Fonda. Shes has said so many far-reaching things over me over the years, it would be nice to break bread, as it was. When I’m in for lunch, I plan to go to the next person on my guest list, Barbra Streisand.

The invitees were careful in their public response to his violation.

Mrs. Streisand was usually singing her underestimated, I do not care to sing for my dinner, but should I sing for lunch too?

Robert Redford, one of the invited people, said: Well, if you ask me, the whole thing is a pretty smooth Sundance. He is a former okerman, and I just came across oil.

Mrs. Fonda was unexpectedly very voting. I have many things I would like to say to the President, but not for lunch. I’m too upset to swallow without choking. Then the opportunity has the opportunity to perform a Himelick maneuver, and except that Id has to endure his touch, he has to find it while for a moment unpredictable and saved my life. I’m not sure I’m right for that.

Despite the early warning signs, the president remained optimistic.

You know those Hollywood people, he said. They are not all Republicans.