5 Causes of Vaginal Itching

5 Causes of Vaginal Itching
5 Causes of Vaginal Itching

5 Causes of Vaginal Itching

Windowofworld.com – There are various causes of vaginal itching. Now, every woman should understand what are the things that can cause itchy intimate organs. The reason is, different causes, different handling.

The causes of vaginal itching can be just because one chose the female sex organ products, for example the wrong choice of soap or sanitary pads. But you need to know, some conditions that require medical treatment can also cause vaginal itching, such as fungal infections, bacterial infections, eczema, and sexually transmitted infections.

Various Causes of Itching Vagina

Itchy vagina can be caused by various things. The following are some of them:

1. Irritation

Irritation is one of the causes of vaginal itching. This condition occurs when the vaginal skin experiences an allergic reaction or contact dermatitis to chemicals contained in certain products, such as bath soap, vaginal cleansing soap, vaginal lubricants, and sanitary pads.

2. Fungal infections

Fungal infections in the vagina can cause vaginal itching, irritation, and vaginal discharge. This infection can occur when the fungus Candida albicans grows uncontrollably in the vagina.

This condition can be triggered by a number of things, ranging from mistakes in choosing underwear, history of diabetes, consumption of certain antibiotics, excessive use of vaginal cleaning products, pregnancy, and consumption of birth control pills.

3. Bacterial infections

Itchy vagina can also be caused by a bacterial infection. Bacterial infection of the vagina or bacterial vaginosis occurs when the balance of bacteria in the vagina is disturbed, so that bad bacteria in the vagina grow uncontrollably.

Bacterial infection is not only marked by the appearance of itching, but also accompanied by other symptoms such as vaginal discharge, a burning sensation in the vagina, to the vaginal odor like fish smell.

4. Menopause

Menopausal women are more at risk of experiencing vaginal itching. This is because at menopause, estrogen levels in the body will decrease, thus making the vagina dry and prone to itching. The condition of vaginal dryness at menopause is known as vaginal atrophy.

5. Sexually transmitted infections

Sexually transmitted infections can also cause vaginal itching. In addition, symptoms that can appear are green or yellow vaginal discharge, appearance of nodules on the genitals, and pain when urinating.

A person is at risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection if having unprotected sexual intercourse and frequently changing sexual partners. Sexually transmitted infections that can cause vaginal itching sensation include chlamydia, genital warts, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis.

In addition to these five things, there are still several conditions that can cause vaginal itching, namely pregnancy, stress, lichen planus, lichen sclerosis, and also vaginal cancer.

How to deal with itching vagina?

Itchy vagina needs to be treated according to the cause. However, to relieve the itching that appears, there are several natural ways that can be done, namely:

1. Use cotton underwear

The use of underwear made from cotton can increase air circulation, so it is better for the comfort of intimate organs. In addition, cotton underwear can also prevent vaginal yeast infections.

2. Take a shower using warm water

Stop using perfume soap or vaginal cleansing soap. In addition, you are also advised to take a shower using warm water for 10 minutes. Warm water can relieve the itching that appears.

3. Bath baking soda water

If you have already tried bathing in warm water but the vaginal itching does not subside, try mixing about 3 tablespoons of baking soda into the tub and take a shower using the water. Baking soda is believed to relieve vaginal itching, including those caused by fungal infections.

4. Consumption of foods containing probiotics

The balance of good and bad bacteria in the vagina is very influential in vaginal health. Eating foods that contain probiotics, such as yogurt and kimchi, can increase the amount of good bacteria in the vagina. This can prevent and even overcome the causes of vaginal itching.

If the above methods do not also cope with vaginal itching or itching that gets worse and spreads to the skin outside the vagina, you can use an itch-relieving cream, such as cortisone cream. But remember, this itchy cream should only be applied to the outside of the vagina, which is where pubic hair grows, and not to the inside of the vagina.

You should also consult a doctor first before using any medication to relieve itching, because this complaint will be difficult to overcome before the causes of vaginal itching is known. If the cause is known, the doctor will provide proper treatment.


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