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Challenging the Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim Meets the King of Malaysia

Challenging the Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim Meets the King of Malaysia

Windowofworld.comMalaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim will make a landmark announcement on Tuesday after meeting the king to prove he has sufficient parliamentary support to oust Prime Minister (PM) Muhyiddin Yassin.

“Anwar will soon hold a press conference regarding an important announcement with His Majesty,” said the communications director for the party led by Anwar, Fahmi Fadzil.

Anwar added a fresh blow to Malaysian political drama last month when he declared he had a sufficient majority to form a new government.

The power struggle takes place as Malaysia faces an endless coronavirus pandemic.

“Anwar entered the palace at about 10:30 am and left about an hour later,” the Bernama news agency reported.

If Anwar manages to win the prime ministerial seat, it will be the culmination of his 22-year long battle, including nearly 10 years in prison on numerous charges he denies.

It also means Malaysia will have a third prime minister this year.

However, skepticism about Anwar’s challenge remains because no major party has publicly supported him. One party, which is a member of the ruling coalition, has said several members of its party support Anwar.

“If the meeting fails to become a tangible outcome, its credibility will be affected and this may encourage the opposition bloc to look for another prime minister candidate,” said Shazwan Mustafa Kamal, a political analyst with consultancy Vriens & Partners.

Muhyiddin, who has led the government for seven months with a slim majority in parliament, initially downplayed Anwar’s claims.

Muhyiddin then challenged Anwar to prove that he had majority support through a constitutional process.

The leaders of the National Alliance coalition led by Muhyiddin issued a declaration of full support for Muhyiddin.

Malaysia’s King Sultan Abdullah can appoint a PM whom he thinks can control the majority, so Anwar has to convince the king that he has majority support in parliament.

The king can also dissolve parliament and trigger elections on the prime minister’s suggestion. It is unclear what results Anwar will announce today.

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