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4 Ways to using and Clean The Shaver

4 Ways to using and maintaining Shaver

Windowofworld.comHow to treat and clean the shaver so that the hair does not get sick ?, Shaving hair is one of the efforts made to look neat and look clean. In addition to the proper use of a shaver, it is also important to consider the cleanliness factor of the shaver to avoid irritation, bacterial and fungal infections that can cause health problems.

Shaving is a common way to remove unwanted hair on certain body parts such as head hair, hair around the face (mustache and beard), armpit hair, leg hair, to shave pubic hair. In addition to the salon or barber shop, some people choose to shave their own hair at home using shavers that are available in various shapes.

Disease Due to Incorrect Hair Shaving

Shaving risks making the layers of the skin hurt and allowing organisms, such as bacteria and fungi, to enter and infect the skin. Especially if the use of the shaver is not correct and cleanliness is not maintained properly, it will be vulnerable to cause several health problems, such as:

  1. Irritant contact dermatitis.
  2. Skin irritation from shaving, or also called razor burn.
  3. The appearance of scratches and pimples.
  4. Folliculitis, which is inflammation that occurs in hair follicles.
  5. Pseudopholliculitis or ingrown hairs.

Also be aware of the habit of using shaving alternately, because some diseases, such as HIV / AIDS, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C, can also be transmitted through shavers that have been contaminated with the blood of infected people. In fact, the virus that causes herpes and hepatitis can live longer on a damp knife or razor.

To avoid health problems, you should pay attention to how to use and clean your hair shaver.

Choosing and Caring for Hair Shavers

It is important for you to be careful in choosing the type of shaver you want to use. Make sure the shaver is safe, effective and easy to use. In addition to hair shavers for men, some products also provide women’s hair shavers.

There are two types of hair shavers, namely:

1. Electric shaver

Shaving with an electric shaver may be more practical and comfortable. Well, if you prefer to shave with an electric shaver, be sure to choose a razor that has a flexible head to adjust the contours of the face. Some electric hair shavers usually release lubricants that can help soften and protect your skin.

2. Manual shaver

Manual shavers are available in single-use or multiple-use types. The use of a manual hair shaver should usually be accompanied by the use of shaving cream or gel on the part of the body you want to shave. This shaving cream serves to protect the skin from razor scratches.

Tips for Maintaining Cleanliness of Shaving Hair

To keep it safe to use, here are some tips on keeping the shaver clean, to avoid irritation and disease, including:

1. Clean the shaver

Make sure you clean the shaver after you finish using it. Wash and rinse immediately whenever the razor looks full of hair, hair or shaving cream. In a manual razor, clean the remaining hair or hair that is still stuck between the razor blades, then rinse with running water until it is completely clean, and dried. But remember, don’t dry the razor with a towel because it will only make the razor blunt. While on the electric razor, read and follow the instructions for use in cleaning and storing.

2 Store the shaver well

Avoid putting hair shaver carelessly, especially in damp places like in the bathroom or in the sink. It is recommended to keep a knife or shaver in a dry and clean place.

3. Do not use the shaver alternately

Hair shaver are one object that is prone to bacteria, fungi and viruses. Sharing a razor with anyone is like sharing germs that stick to the razor. So, avoid exchanging razors.

4. Change the blade or shaver regularly

Don’t forget to replace blunt blades or shavers or after using them 5-10 times. Blades or blades can easily scratch the skin and cause irritation and rashes on the skin.

It is important to remember that a knife or shaver is a tool that must be treated and replaced as needed. Even though you use shaving cream and do it right, the risk of irritation and infection can still occur because of the razor blades that are dirty and blunt.

Problems with using and maintaining a clean Shaver may seem trivial, but keep in mind, negligence in using and how to care for a shaver that is not good hair can cause dangerous health problems. You need to see a doctor if there is skin irritation that does not heal due to the use of a shaver or shaving cream products.

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