Clever Mayor Roy Nagen: The Ending Elections With White Guy

Clever Mayor Roy Nagen: The end of the election with White Guy looks like Roy himself.

We will not even endorse a guess against such an outcome, but the end of the election in New Orleans looks bizarre. As you will see in the Mardi Gras.

Roy Nagen, Mr. Malaprop of mayor politics, who alienated white voters when he expressed the proud hope of reapplying the city, after Katrina’s aftermath, made him in a run-up election with a white man, Lieutenant Governor Mitch Landrieu, who at least looks like us, looks like a lighter version of Roy himself.

Answer the following true or false questions:

Are both men moving their heads?

Do both have the same round faces?

Drill both their ears the same way?

Is their nose incredibly similar?

So what’s happening here? Is smart Roy actually both candidates? Could he ask Michael Jackson for advice on how he could turn himself into a whiter shadow of Roy?

As the saying goes, if it runs like a bird of the Bayou and it speaks like a bird from the Bayou, it must be a bird from the Bayou.

All we can say is, may the best man win, especially if the two candidates are different men.