11 Tips for Choosing Clothes During Pregnancy

Windowofworld.com – Various changes in the body during pregnancy often make Mother uncomfortable and insecure when choosing clothes. Though pregnancy should not be an obstacle to still look attractive and comfortable.

An enlarged abdomen, a body that often sweats and gets tired easily, makes you need to adjust your clothing choices. Conversely, improper clothing choices can make you less comfortable and disturb your movements.

Clothing guide when pregnant

With a solid equivalent, clothes during pregnancy can still be worn, so only need to buy new clothes and equipment to taste. Here are some things you can do:

1. Choose a dark color and not too loose

Choose clothes with dark colors to make it easier to mix and match. Clothes that fit the body will make you more comfortable, than clothes that are too loose. Also be careful when choosing a skirt, Bun. Make sure the skirt is long enough to make you comfortable when sitting.

2. Take advantage of the rubber hook

You can also still wear pants with buttoned fronts. This can still be done by wearing a rubber or elastic hair tie that is attached between the buttons. Now also many stores that provide rubber buttons specifically for pregnant women like this. Don’t forget, when wearing the rubber, wear clothes that are longer than the waist and belly button to cover the rubber, yes, Bun.

3. Bra with the right size

As the breast changes during pregnancy, the bra that Mother is currently wearing may not be comfortable anymore. You can try a bra with a larger size, sports bra that is usually not tight, or a nursing bra.

4. Be careful of tight clothing

Tight clothing may indeed not be harmful to the baby. It’s just that it might make you feel uncomfortable. It is recommended to use clothes that are a little loose, made from comfortable and can absorb sweat well.

5. Utilizing Existing Clothing

For more details, try, Mom, open the cupboard. If you already have the following types of clothes, you can optimize for wearing during pregnancy and after giving birth.

6. Loose cardigan

Wearing a cardigan is an option that can make you feel more flexible because the front is buttonless. Mother can also try cardigans from various materials such as wool that warms the body.

7. Dress skirt

Dress skirts are a reliable choice for comfort. A high-waist pencil skirt can be combined with casual shirts or blouses.

8. Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit with stretchy material and fitting the body on the legs can be an option to still look attractive and comfortable. Mother can combine it with a shirt on the inside. After giving birth, Mother can wear it for everyday clothes.

9. Tunics

Tunics make the stomach more relieved. The widened shape at the waist makes the tunic be worn not only before and after giving birth, but also during pregnancy. Pair it with leggings or denim pants.

10. Wear clothes that are already owned

In the first trimester of pregnancy, clothes that you have still can still be used, especially those that can stretch material, such as loose shirts, sweaters, and certain pants or skirts.

11. Leggings

Mothers can choose special leggings for pregnant women. Choose leggings with a rubber waist that can expand to adjust to an enlarged abdomen and mix with a wide top. This type of pants can also be used so that it can continue to be worn until after the baby is born. Choose a dark color so that it can be combined with a variety of boss colors. In addition, good tight jeans are also a good investment because they can be combined with anything.

In addition to clothing, which need to be considered when the belly is enlarged, the shoes used. Because, pregnant women will be more difficult to maintain balance. Flat shoes are more friendly than shoes with heels, especially high heels. Choose comfortable flat shoes, from sneakers to loafers. If you are worried that your feet will swell, you can choose footwear with a larger size. Mother can choose neutral colors to make it easier to mix and match.

Come on, start to look back at the contents of the wardrobe and anything that can be done to get around clothes so they can still be worn during pregnancy. However, if most of the clothes are getting crowded, get ready to take the time to shop for clothes of the right size. What needs to be prioritized, Mother still feels comfortable when wearing it.