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Coffee Masks for Ageless Skin

Coffee Masks for Ageless Skin

Windowofworld.com – In the world of beauty, coffee masks are believed to have properties to remove dead skin cells and make skin youthful. Some beauty product labels also make coffee extract part of the ingredients contained in it. Come, see the facts and explanations below!

Coffee is not only delicious for consumption. Coffee powder can also be processed into coffee masks for skin beauty. A mask is a blend of ingredients that is applied to the surface of the face, left for some time to dry, then rinsed clean. This silence process aims to make the active ingredients in the mask soak into the skin.

Antioxidant and Caffeine Content of Coffee which is Good for the Skin

Various natural ingredients can be used as a blend of masks, ranging from fruits, vegetables, to grains, including coffee. In addition to its soothing aroma, coffee beans themselves are ingredients that are rich in natural antioxidant content called quinines, which will become more active after roasting. The content of strong antioxidants such as polyphenols, chlorogenic acid, quinic acid and ferulic acid contained in coffee extracts, especially arabica coffee, is said to improve fine lines on the face, wrinkles, to skin pigmentation.


Coffee also contains caffeine. Now more and more caffeine is used for cosmetic purposes. Caffeine is widely used as an active compound in anti-cellulite products because it prevents excessive fat accumulation. Caffeine compounds also help protect the skin from UV radiation and slow the aging process of the skin. In addition, beauty products that contain coffee can also increase collagen production and blood circulation in the skin.

Although the benefits of coffee applied to the skin as a mask have not been proven, but certainly antioxidants themselves are needed by the skin to ward off free radicals to stay young. Free radicals are designations for damaged cells that can cause certain negative conditions. From outside the body, free radicals can be caused by cigarette smoke and radiation, which causes premature skin aging.

The Principle of the Use of Masks

To get maximum results, the use and application of coffee masks on the face must also be considered. The difference between a face mask and a cleaning product is in the duration of its use. Cleaning products are used faster than masks. While the mask must be left in place before cleaning, so that the mask content can soak into the skin. It’s best not to wear a mask every day, because it can stress the skin and increase skin sensitivity.

Tips for Choosing a Mask with ingredients that are effective for the skin

Whatever your face mask choices, including coffee masks, choose a mask with ingredients that are good and suitable for your skin. Especially if you choose to use mask products from certain beauty labels. Make sure the product contains effective ingredients such as the following:

Emollient or moisturizing content, such as hyaluronic acid, ammonium lactate, squalane, ceramides, glycerin, and dimethicone, which can help build maintain moisture in the skin.
Salicylic acid decreases oil production and helps prevent acne.
Clay. This content makes the surface of the skin feel soft after use.
Make Your Own Coffee Mask
Various other ingredients can be integrated into a coffee mask. Yogurt, milk, olive oil or honey.

Here are recipes that you can try yourself at home. Materials that need to be prepared include:

  • 4 tablespoons of ground coffee.
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar or salt.
  • 2 tablespoons of milk or yogurt without flavor. You can also use olive oil, or real coconut oil.

How to make it is quite easy. Follow the instructions below.

  • Mix all ingredients in one container.
  • Stir all ingredients until evenly distributed. If using coffee beans, make sure the coffee
  • beans are ground fine.
  • After the coffee mask is finished, apply it on the cleansed skin.
  • Allow to dry.

To clean the face of the mask, press a soft wet cloth that has been soaked in warm water to your face until the mask loosens and peels off. Avoid rubbing the cloth against the face, especially if your skin is classified as sensitive.

Although the benefits of coffee for the skin have not been proven scientifically strong, but given the ingredients that are natural and easy to obtain, there is no harm in trying coffee masks above. But if it turns out your skin is allergic to this mask, you should use another type of mask.

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