Colocation Hosting

Whats colocation hosting?

Colocation hosting in which multiple clients locate network, server and storage equipment and connect with a group of telecommunications and various other service providers reduces the complexity and cost. Immediately keep a dedicated host and enjoy complete freedom.

Added features of dedicated hosting!

Data centers must be monitored 24-7. Your systems should be housed in a modern data center with superfluous air-conditioning and filter systems designed to work even in the event of a power failure. Data centers must be located and built to withstand natural disasters and other emergencies. Also, do not protect your data center. Evaluate your company’s power, cooling and security requirements and design a solution that meets your needs and scales to suit you in the future. A highly flexible, cost effective and best practice solution suitable for businesses, large and small, is an excellent solution to ensure your business’ IT service uptime.

Be one of the leading players in the world, or stimulate them with a safe and well-managed colocation. We can handle online professionals with just a click or a phone call. Keep a single rack or a dedicated private suite; your servers and core systems must be housed in a secure, well-managed and environmentally controlled environment. Sometimes the server is hosted with one, and the other provides the Internet connection. Here are problems with cross-connection fees, which can complicate matters. The host should be able to provide uninterrupted connectivity without any major hiccups.

Colocation offering can provide reliable power with a clean, uninterrupted power through a combination of multiple power networks, generators and the best breed maintenance practices. Colocation facilities manage their climate with two types of dedicated cooling systems, radiators and CRAC units. Coolers are systems of pipes that circulate cooled water through the server rooms. CRAC (air conditioning units for computer rooms) are aimed at air conditioners that never shut down. Servers generate enough heat to overheat a few thousand square feet in minutes; By continually cycling, CRAC units prevent heat buildup in server rooms.

Single Stretch to Full Private Suite Options

Fully Complemented Value Added Connection and Managed Service Solutions

Have a high bandwidth on the network connection for network providers for Internet access and private network connection.

Ensuring maximum security and uptime

Meet the requirements of your business! Go to the online route and find a Colocation Hosting provider for your business.