Covid-19 Cases Reached 49,290, Czech Health Minister Resigned – Czech Health Minister Adam Vojtech submitted his resignation on Monday (21/9/2020). He resigned after cases of the new corona virus (Covid-19) jumped to 49,290.

Vojtech has been criticized for its handling of the novel coronavirus pandemic in a country of 10.7 million people.

Prime Minister Andrej Babis took to Twitter to thank Vojtech for its work. Babis, as quoted by Reuters, said that Vojtech could be remembered as the country’s best minister of health if he did not have to use all his energy to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

The Czech Republic has reported the second-fastest growth rate for confirmed coronavirus cases in Europe in recent weeks, behind Spain. The central European country has lifted nearly all precautions taken before summer during the first wave of the pandemic.

In the last 14 days, in Czech there were 193 cases per 100,000 people. This data is from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC).

The Czech Health Ministry on Monday said the Czech Republic’s daily number of Covid-19 cases fell to 985 on Sunday. It was the third day in a row for the number of daily cases to decline.

The decline in daily cases may also be due to fewer tests being performed on weekends than on weekdays.

Covid-19 caused by the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus has spread in 213 countries and several territorial areas. According to worldometers data, Monday (21/9/2020) at 14.30 the number of cases globally reached 31,250,411 with 965,178 deaths and 22,838,258 patients successfully cured.