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Crooked Baby Feet, Normal or Abnormal?

Crooked Baby Feet, Normal or Abnormal?

Windowofworld.com – Mother may feel worried when she sees Little’s legs appear crooked when he begins to learn to stand and walk. Crooked baby feet are actually common and not always dangerous. However, sometimes this condition can be caused by congenital abnormalities or problems in the baby’s leg bones.

One myth in the community says that the baby’s legs are bent because the baby is not swaddled from birth. In fact, all babies are born with the form of knees or legs that are slightly bent because of the position of their legs are bent a lot while in the womb.

Normal Crooked Feet Conditions Occur

There are at least 4 types of baby legs that are bent normally, namely:

1. O-shaped feet

O-shaped legs or genu varum (bowlegs) occur when both ankles touch, but the knee is wide open. This condition is quite often experienced by infants or toddlers under the age of 18 months. Usually, the shape of the foot like this will be corrected or straight by itself when the child is aged 3-7 years.


2. X-shaped feet

X-shaped leg or genu valgum is the opposite of O-shaped leg. The condition of this foot is characterized by touching knees, while the ankles are wide or away from each other.

Crooked legs shaped like the letter X tend to occur when a child is around 4 years old and will usually straighten itself at the age of 6 or 7 years.

3. In-toeing or pigeon toes

Normally, the baby’s toes are straight forward when standing or walking. However, in the in-toeing condition, the baby’s toes actually bend inward.

Most of the condition of baby’s legs are bent like this can be straight back at the age of 8 years, without treatment at all. However, if it does not improve by itself after that age, in-toeing needs to get treatment from a doctor.

4. Out-toeing

The opposite of in-toeing is out-toeing, ie the fingers or soles of the feet bend outward. In most cases, this crooked baby’s leg also does not need any treatment to be straight again.

However, the condition of out-toeing needs to be treated by a doctor if it doesn’t get better as the child ages. This is because the condition can be caused by abnormalities in the hip joint, femur, or leg bones, and cerebral palsy.

Crooked Baby Feet Conditions That Are Considered To Be A Serious Problem

The four conditions of the bent leg above are indeed normal in infants or children. However, this condition can also be a sign of serious health problems experienced by babies.

Some conditions to look out for when a baby has bent legs are:

  • The baby’s leg stays bent until he is 3 years old
  • Curved condition is not symmetrical on both legs
  • Infants or children appear to be limping or complaining of pain when walking
  • Crooked legs do not go straight and instead become increasingly bent as you age
  • Infants or children are more dominant using one leg
  • A bent knee or leg is accompanied by a child’s short posture
  • The child’s feet are flat or too curved

These conditions may be caused by genetic abnormalities or disorders of the baby’s bones, such as rickets, Blount’s disease, congenital birth defects, infection, obesity, or injury to the baby’s leg bones.

Baby’s legs are bent there is something that can heal by itself. However, beware if the baby or child’s feet still look crooked when he is older than 3 years or accompanied by various signs above.

To determine the causes and treatment steps, crooked legs in children need to be examined by an orthopedic specialist.

To assess the child’s condition, the doctor can perform physical and supportive examinations, such as X-rays of the legs and hips. After the diagnosis is known, the new doctor can determine the appropriate treatment to deal with crooked feet in baby.

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