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Cultivate Your Little One’s Empathy During Ramadan, Here’s How Ma!


Cultivate Your Little One’s Empathy During Ramadan, Here’s How Ma!

Windowofworld.com – Your little one needs a lot of stimulation during his growth, so that later his intellectual and emotional intelligence will continue to develop. In this moment of Ramadan, there is a lot of stimulation that can foster a sense of empathy for your little one, you know, Ma.

If you don’t know, this time Popmama.com will share knowledge about stimulation for your little one so that their empathy continues to grow. Let’s study together, Ma!

1. Teach him the meaning of fasting and learn to fast from an early age

By teaching your little one to endure thirst and hunger throughout the day, indirectly makes them empathize with other people who are less fortunate. Like street children, they may not necessarily be able to eat every day. Mama can give an explanation of the concept of fasting, so that your little one understands and her sense of empathy can continue to increase.

2. Sharing takjil for the neighborhood or orphanage

Sharing takjil can be done with your little one, Ma. Involve all the processes, from preparation to distribution. That way, his empathy will gradually develop.

Oh yeah, when the pandemic is over, Mama can also share takjil with the children who are in the orphanage. Take your little one to visit so he can socialize at the same time.

3. Giving charity to street fighters

Charity takes many forms, Ma. One of them is by setting aside some money for the poor or by doing good to them. The benefits are many, such as the reward of people who give charity to be multiplied, eradicating mistakes, cleaning property and so on.

For your little one, from an early age he began to teach him to save and set aside a little money for charity. In addition, Mama and your little one can also give charity with the Energen Energy Alms Program in collaboration with the Community Breakfast Sharing.

It’s easy, you can buy 3 Energen Dates in e-commerce, that means donating 3 Energen pouches for 3 road warriors who need extra energy, such as sweepers, garbage men and so on. Oh yes Ma, this Dates Energen contains real dates and comes with all the goodness of milk, eggs and SIGMAVIT. So, it is very fitting for the energy of Mama’s family and road warriors.

Come on, Ma, just ask your little one to share with others in this month of Ramadan so that #PondasiRamadan Mama and your family will be stronger.

4. Invite your little one to give zakat, give them an example

As you know, zakat fitrah during the month of Ramadan is mandatory for those who are able to fulfill it. Well, at this time Mama can invite your little one to give zakat at the nearest mosque.

This experience is very valuable and will be recorded by your little one for the rest of his life. Give an understanding also why zakat is mandatory for people who are able.

5. Involve your little one in “emotional talk” after breaking the fast

Mama can do emotional talk when your little one is 5-6 years old. Where they can convey what they feel and give praise and appreciation for every good thing that your little one has done. The moment after breaking the fast can be the right time Ma, after your little one has helped Mama all day or has been successful in fasting.

Growing your little one’s empathy from an early age is not easy, Ma. But, Popmama.com is sure Mama can do it!


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