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Daily Global Corona Virus Infection Cases Record

Daily Global Corona Virus Infection Cases Record – The second wave of the Corona virus pandemic continues to sweep the world. This can be seen from the daily global infection cases of the virus that causes Covid-19 which recorded the latest records.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced a new daily record in confirmed cases of the Corona virus around the world. More than 350,000 infections were reported to the UN health agency on Friday.

The highest daily number of new cases at 350,766 topped the record set earlier this week of nearly 12,000. The tally includes more than 109,000 cases from Europe alone.

In a press conference, WHO’s head of emergency Dr. Michael Ryan acknowledged that even though Covid-19 continues to surge around the world, there are no new answers.

He said that although the agency wanted all countries to avoid an economy-devastating lockdown, local authorities had to make sure the most vulnerable people were protected and that much action had to be taken.

“The majority of people in the world are still susceptible to this disease,” Ryan warned as quoted by the ABC, Saturday (10/10/2020).

He said every country should focus not only on restrictive measures, but also on strengthening systems of surveillance, testing, contact tracing and ensuring populations are involved.

As the virus continues to surge across Europe and elsewhere, Ryan acknowledges that restrictive measures may be needed at some point. British scientists reported this week that the Covid-19 outbreak is doubling every few weeks, French hospitals are running out of ICU beds, Germany may ask soldiers to help contain its outbreak and Spain declared a state of emergency in Madrid as coronavirus cases soar.

“Lockdowns may be inevitable where the disease is getting out of control, but we must not accept that in every country, a return of cases must be seen as an immediate return to the need for lockdown restrictions,” Ryan said.

Globally, more than 36 million cases of Covid-19 have been reported, including more than 1 million deaths.

Experts say the tally is well below the true number of cases estimates and Ryan said Monday that the WHO’s best estimate is that one in 10 people worldwide – or about 760 million people – may have been infected.

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