Dealing With Debt!

Nobody wants to be in debt. Before things get worse and out of control, you must learn about some of these debt management solutions.

First of all, you must know about the basics. The basics are lower insurance deductibles for homeowners, tenants, and your vehicle policy that is suitable and saves you money. Don’t take risks on bounce checks; instead of getting overdraft protection and paying roughly the same as the fee for one bounce check to close our account for one full year. Ask your banker about packaged account services. Many offer free savings and checking accounts with free overdraft and check protection, free online bill payments, and more. When you shop, check your receipts, even for groceries. Often items ring at the wrong price. Sometimes store policies allow for no errors, which means you get free items if it’s wrong. So, bring a calculator or a hand-held pencil with a small notepad to calculate your costs.

If you have medical debt, the first thing a health office must do is make you bill or refinance your house, etc. Stop !!! Before you take such drastic steps, ask your legal counsel. Often there are other steps that must be taken first. For example, tell the billing party and let them know that you need to apply for financial assistance. Many have forms to fill out, and even though it’s long, remember that it’s free money to pay your bills. Reach out, take forms and fill out. Then make a minimum payment arrangement for the remaining balance, even if it’s only $ 10 per month for 30 years. Health care bills are not like credit card debt and need not be reported to the credit bureau in the same way.

Also reach out with merchandise and return recently purchased items for a refund. Credit card companies and order letters allow you for 30 days to check your purchase. Return whatever you can for a refund. If the purchase exceeds 30 days and for various reasons do not last until the end of the bargain; that is, they have gone bankrupt or have never worked properly to start, starting a pronto writing campaign. Write down the place of purchase and copy the manufacturer, distributor, Better Business Bureau and your state Attorney General’s Office. State the reason our product is wrong and you want a refund. It is often useful to get help with other entities like this. No need to do it alone!

The key is you have to take over and go back to basics when debt is out of control. Practice some of these debt management solutions and take advantage of what you have.