Dental Anatomy: Parts and Types of Human Teeth

Dental Anatomy: Parts and Types of Human Teeth – Teeth are an important component in the oral cavity with various functions. Its main function is to chew food, but also plays a role in talking. Let’s get to know the dental anatomy, so you can be more optimal in maintaining healthy teeth and tooth function.

Dental anatomy is divided into two basic parts. First is the crown, the part of the tooth that you can see is white. Second is the tooth root, which you cannot see.

Identifying Dental Parts

Maybe all this time you only know the white part of the teeth that appear from the outside, even though in more detail, the teeth consist of several layers or parts. The following parts of the teeth with different roles:

1. Enamel

Enamel is the outermost part of the hardest and white teeth. Enamel plays a role in protecting vital tissue in the teeth made of a mineral called calcium and phosphate.

2. Dentin

The dentin layer is below the enamel layer. When enamel is damaged, hot or cold temperatures can get into the teeth, causing tooth sensitivity or pain.

3. Pulp

Pulps are part of softer tooth anatomy. The pulp is found in the center and core of your teeth which contains blood vessels, nerves, and other soft tissues. This section is useful for providing nutrition and conveying sensations to your teeth.

4. Sementum

Teeth roots can bind to the gum and jawbone firmly because they are connected by layers of connective tissue. This connective tissue layer is called cementum. The last part of the tooth’s anatomy is the periodontal ligament, which is the tissue that helps to hold the teeth tightly attached to the jaw.

Types of Teeth

In addition to recognizing tooth anatomy, it is also important to understand what types of teeth have their respective shapes and functions. The following types of teeth you need to know:

1. Incisors

Incisors consist of eight teeth divided into four at the top and four at the bottom. Incisors are in front of the mouth which are useful for biting food and are usually the first teeth to appear in a 6 month old baby.

2. Canines

Canine teeth are a type of sharp teeth and function in chewing and tearing food. Usually, canines appear between the ages of 16-20 months with upper canines appearing earlier than lower canines. However, in permanent teeth in adults, the order is reversed. Lower canine teeth will appear first than the top, which grows around the age of 9 years.

3. Premolar teeth

Premolar teeth are a type of tooth with a shape larger than canines and incisors. The function of premolar teeth is to chew and grind food into small pieces so that it is easy to swallow.

4. Molar teeth

Teeth including the biggest and strongest teeth among other teeth. Molar teeth are used to chew and grind food. Generally adults have eight molars, which are divided into four at the top and four at the bottom bottom.

By recognizing the dental anatomy and its function, it is hoped that you will become more aware of maintaining healthy teeth. Avoid things that can damage your teeth and visit a doctor immediately if you experience pain or interference with the teeth.
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Dental Anatomy: Parts and Types of Human Teeth - Window Of World

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