7 Ways of Dental Care During Pregnancy

7 Ways of Dental Care During Pregnancy

Windowofworld.com – Pregnant women, don’t miss Dental Care During Pregnancy. Therefore, the condition of the teeth and mouth will also affect the health of the fetus. Come on, find out how Dental Care During Pregnancy.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy cause pregnant gums to become more sensitive and susceptible to bacteria that cause dental and oral health problems, such as gingivitis and periodontitis. This disease can increase the risk of preterm birth. Therefore let us consider the 7 ways of Dental Care During Pregnancy correctly.

Various Ways to Take Care of Your Teeth and Mouth During Pregnancy

We recommend that during pregnancy avoid dental care that might be bad for the fetus in the womb. However, pregnant women are still required to maintain oral health.

Here are some ways that pregnant women can apply for Dental Care During Pregnancy:

1. Routine brushing teeth

The simple way for dental care is to routinely brush teeth to remove plaque and reduce the risk of gingivitis. Pregnant women are advised to use toothpaste that contains fluoride and is alcohol-free to remove plaque. Make sure you do it also during pregnancy, change your toothbrush every 3-4 months.

2. Flossing

Flossing is the process of cleaning teeth using dental floss or dental floss. Flossing is useful for cleaning teeth in parts that are not reached by a toothbrush. Routine flossing once a day is useful to reduce the risk of gingivitis. During pregnancy you can do flossing in the morning or evening.

3. Use mouthwash

The third way to dental care during pregnancy is to use routine mouthwash after brushing your teeth at night or morning is also useful to prevent tooth decay, kill bacteria that cause bad breath, and reduce the risk of gingivitis. However, pregnant women must remain careful in choosing mouthwash yes. Make sure the mouthwash that you use is alcohol free and contains fluoride.

4. Gargle with baking soda

One symptom of morning sickness is vomiting, can increase the risk of tooth decay, because the oral cavity is exposed to stomach acid repeatedly. To reduce the risk of tooth decay, after vomiting pregnant women can gargle with a mixture of water and a teaspoon of baking soda.

5. Reduce consumption of sweet foods or drinks

Foods that are too sweet will increase the risk of tooth decay. Therefore, reduce and limit sweet foods or drinks that contain too much sugar, such as sweet cakes, soy sauce, sweet iced tea, and soft drinks.

6. Consumption of foods or drinks that contain calcium

To maintain tooth strength during pregnancy, pregnant women also need to consume foods or drinks that contain calcium, such as cheese, milk, yogurt, eggs, spinach, sardines, and salmon.

7. Consultation to the dentist

For the last way in the process of dental care during pregnancy by consulting directly to the dentist. It is important for Pregnant Women to keep consulting a dentist. The doctor will clean the teeth as a whole and treat diseases that pregnant women may suffer. If pregnant teeth require special measures, the doctor will usually do it in the second trimester of pregnancy.

Besides the seven ways above, the other thing that pregnant women can do to maintain healthy teeth and mouth is to drink lots of water, and avoid cigarettes and alcohol.

Dental Care During Pregnancy is equally important for pregnant women and babies in the womb. In addition, pregnant women must also be sensitive to various health problems experienced and immediately consult a doctor to overcome them.

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