Dog Gone It

Ok, so Michael Vick violated his family, the NFL, his supporters and his honest self. His career is almost over, his imprisonment is only at the beginning, financial problems must persist if he has a long way forward.

Give DMX the rapper (real name Earl Simmons), who does not want to finish, twelve hungry and neglected pit bull terriers, found his Arizona home, not to mention the three buried dogs in the backyard of the house . was burned to death.

Interestingly, just five years ago, the US court ordered DMX to make public service announcements after they found guilty of animal cruelty, disorderly behavior and possession of drug accessories.

Is this new breed (no pun intended) known person so much money and free time that cruelty to animals is the best they can do? It’s out of hand.

Pitbulls generally receive a very bad rap. The reality is that it’s not the dog it’s really the owners. Pitbulle is lovingly but emotionally high maintenance dogs who, if cared for and loved, will defend their family and be the beloved member.

In addition to the fines and imprisonment, I think that celebrities who are cruel to animals deserve to work at rescue places for a time equivalent to their imprisonment. There is no excuse for cruelty to animals.

In fact, the only things that make us better than animals are logic, ability to reason and fashion. Oh, but in this case I deviate.