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Easy to Do, 5 Ways to Make Coffee More Delicious at Home


Easy to Do, 5 Ways to Make Coffee More Delicious at Home

Windowofworld.com – If Mama and Papa are coffee fans or they often spend their break time drinking coffee, it might be interesting to make it simpler.

Some people may consume coffee more often by buying it at a regular coffee shop. It doesn’t seem difficult and it’s easier to enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee.

However, it needs to be understood that making your own coffee can be a fun activity because it can be adjusted to your favorite blend.

Here are some ways to make coffee at home, Popmama.com has summarized the information from Home Kitchen Magazine. Try not to be too frequent and reduce excess sugar consumption when making coffee!

1. Choose your favorite coffee bean

If you want to enjoy coffee without being dominated by bitter taste, then enjoy various types of coffee from various single origins.

Keep in mind that coffee has different flavors. Certain coffees have a built-in ‘sweetness’ that can be consumed according to taste.

There is nothing wrong with visiting several coffee labs near the house to find out the variants of coffee, then sharing with the experts what you need.

2. Ask the experts to help roasting and find out more expertise

The lack of a dominant sweetness in coffee also depends on the roasting profile of the coffee itself.

Before choosing the coffee you want to consume, it’s a good idea to read or ask an expert, especially regarding the upstream to downstream process of making coffee.

For dark roasts or Italian roasts, you can be sure that the coffee tastes very bitter. In addition, the high water temperature and the fine grind can also affect the bitterness of the coffee.

3. Adding cinnamon

The next tip on how to make coffee more delicious, namely by adding cinnamon. Mix in a teaspoon of cinnamon to divert the bitter taste from the coffee.

Make sure to use pure cinnamon powder or consider storing coffee beans with cinnamon sticks. This is done to add flavor.

A study from the Center for Human Nutrition Research found that cinnamon was found not only to improve coffee quality, but that just half a teaspoon of cinnamon per day can increase cell sensitivity to insulin or sugar control.

4. Can also add cocoa powder and honey

To get the benefits of chocolate flavonoids, which are antioxidants that can help ward off environmental damage to cells, and increase blood flow to the brain and heart, simply add cocoa powder to a cup of coffee.

What’s more, the coffee you drink can have a pure chocolate taste sensation without added sugar. Honey is also often an alternative for coffee drinkers as a mixture to disguise the bitter taste of coffee.

Black coffee, such as long black and Americano, which are usually consumed with sugar, can now be replaced with honey.

What’s it like? It felt like an unthinkable pleasure. The distinctive sweetness of honey melts perfectly on top of the warm bitterness of coffee.

5. Adding milk and vanilla extract

It’s no secret that milk is coffee’s loyal friend in one sip. The basic espresso menu involves a lot of milk as a coffee mix.

It is true, heated milk gives a sweet taste to the bitterness of coffee. That’s why a cup of cappuccino, café latte, flat white and piccolo latte is actually no longer recommended to be filled with sugar because the milk content already gives a sweet taste.

If you are a fan of vanilla latte, don’t worry, to control your sugar intake, put a few drops of vanilla extract in the coffee.

One serving of vanilla syrup contains 80 calories and 20g of sugar, while vanilla extract contains 0 calories and 0 sugar. Start adding it with one drop, as just a little is enough to add a sweet taste to a cup of coffee.

Wow, making coffee at home is more fun, right? A barista taste to yourself as it can make great coffee.

Try to choose ingredients that the body needs, if you are reducing sugar, try replacing them with non-sugar ingredients.


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