5 Risks of Eating Junk Food During Pregnancy

Windowofworld.com – Along with increased appetite, some pregnant women no longer choose the type of food consumed, including fast food. Though food which is often called junk food has a risk for fetal development. What are the risks of eating junk food during pregnancy?

Hormonal changes can trigger changes in the sense of taste and sense of smell in pregnant women. With tempting flavors and flavors, let alone get it quite easily, no need to bother cooking, and the price is quite affordable.

The Right Reasons to Avoid Junk Food During Pregnany

Here are some reasons why during pregnancy you should avoid consuming junk food, including:

1. Does not provide the necessary nutrition

Fast food generally does not provide the nutrients needed by the baby’s development, such as for the brain, bones, immune system and various organs of the baby’s body.

2. Increase the risk of allergies

According to research, women who consume a lot of sugar either in the form of processed, honey or juice during pregnancy, are feared more at risk of having children who have allergies or asthma.

3. Increase the risk of heart disease

A clinical study shows an increased risk of heart disease in infants whose mothers consume high-fat foods during pregnancy. But this is not yet certain because it still requires further research.

4. Can experience addiction

After research, pregnant women who are accustomed to eating junk food that is high in fat, can increase the risk of children to prefer foods high in fat too after weaning.

5. Risk of obesity

Clinical trials also show babies born and breastfed from mothers who are accustomed to eating junk food since pregnancy, born with a fatter body weight and a high risk of developing obesity.
Besides having a bad impact on the development of the baby, eating too much junk food can also make pregnancy more vulnerable. Pregnant women are more at risk of experiencing health problems, such as fatigue, heartburn, diabetes, or stretch marks.

Various risks of fast food, the incidence rate is higher in pregnant women who consume junk food during the late trimester of pregnancy, compared to pregnant women who consume it in early pregnancy.

Tips to Avoid Junk Food for Pregnant Women

Eating healthy food during pregnancy is very beneficial for baby’s health. To avoid the effects of the dangers of fast food, ways that can be done include:

1. Familiarize breakfast every day

Starting the day with good nutrition can reduce the desire to eat snacks in the next hours. For that, pregnant women can eat boiled eggs, oranges, whole-grain cereals or a glass of milk at breakfast.

2. Prepare healthy snacks

Prepare healthy snacks during pregnancy, which can be consumed at any time when pregnant women begin to feel hungry. Because, if you feel hungry all of a sudden and don’t have anything to eat, it’s likely to choose the wrong type of food.

3. Look for alternative junk food

If you are pregnant, you really want to eat junk food, you can look for alternative menus that provide more nutrition. For example, if you really want to eat french fries, you can replace them with sweet potatoes or steamed sweet potatoes with enough seasoning. You can also replace ice cream with frozen fruit and yogurt, and drink water with lime juice or infused water to replace soda.

In addition to paying attention to the type of food, pregnant women can consider changing the habit of frying food, by steaming or boiling. For snacks such as chips or french fries, you can replace them with chips made from fruits or vegetables.

Eating healthy food during pregnancy is the first step to preparing a healthy baby with good brain development and immunity. We recommend consulting with a doctor to find out healthy eating patterns during pregnancy that support the health of the mother and the baby in the womb.