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Erdogan: Enemies Are Trying to Prevent Turkey from Growing, Triggering Internal Crisis

Erdogan: Enemies Are Trying to Prevent Turkey from Growing, Triggering Internal Crisis – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused enemy political parties of preventing development of the country by triggering an internal crisis.

Erdogan’s statement was revealed by the portal According to Erdogan, his government began working on promoting his country based on Turkey’s vision for 2023, 2053 and 2071.

“Every step we take towards making Turkey a regional and global power the foundation stone for this vision,” said Erdogan.

He highlighted the importance of the political, military and economic success that Turkey is a part of in a number of regions including Syria, Libya, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

According to Erdogan, the enemy’s goal is to undermine all of Turkey’s political and economic endeavors and to undermine its vision. “They are trying to stop our development during this century by dragging Turkey into an internal conflict again,” Erdogan said.

He emphasized that his country has overcome most of the impact of Covid-19 through continued production during the third quarter of this year.

Government funding is also helping the real estate and automotive industries break records. According to him, the labor rate has increased since April.

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