Europeans Pers Iran; Present Cartoon Of Bombs Dropping On Nuclear


Europeans Pers Iran; Present Cartoon Of Bombs Dropping On Nuclear

Europeans Press Iran; Present cartoon of bombs falling on nuclear plants.

European negotiators, the intention to reach a peaceful agreement with Iran on its controversial nuclear program, have been applied to a tactic that has recently been proven to be the most reliable way of raising a response in many of the Muslim worlds .

Remember the extraordinary response to Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad and, last week, demonstrations by an Iranian Turkish minority about a new cartoon that, according to them, depict them in an unfavorable light, Europeans decided to shoot a cartoon to incorporate their latest proposal It depicts bombs on Iranian nuclear facilities.

At the next meeting with the usually offensive but terrifying Iranian nuclear negotiator, the French representative held the explosive cartoon.

The Iranian negotiator returned and asked: This cartoon is disturbing. Is it meant to be a hint?

I am so scared, the British negotiator has made voluntary action.

Do you care if I excuse myself? He asked. I have to report this to our President!

Then he ran with his Quran to call Iran.

What? Another Western cartoon that is offensive to Muslims? President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad exploded. Wait for the mighty mullahs I report to hear about this! E-mail me a copy immediately!

When the dutiful Ahmadinejad received it, he quickly pushed it out and ran from mullah to mullah, as he often displayed the comic strip in his smiling, deferential manner.

What? A cartoon that shows that we are blowing up sacred nuclear plants? the mullah who attracted the highest in the official order of the Muslim menagery.

“It seems so,” the president said. “What should we do?

If the Iranian people get winds, the wise clergy can realize that they may realize how much our ignition policy exposes them.

We do not want it to happen, Ahmadinejad agreed.

No, no, remember, never trust the average Iranian. We did not provide enough education in our skills of wisdom. So they could turn us on.

But if the bombs go down, they may suspect something that the president dared to propose.

And what happens when our own army gets wind from the cartoon? The mullah speculates, they can also suspect they are exposed to unnecessary danger.

And a prospective attempt to save their own lives said President Ahmadinejad. to report that they can set up a coup.

It seems that or not, the mullah breaks, we have to respond to the cartoon.

Or, if you excuse my honesty, we can all be out of the wind.

No, no, My turban can fly, and I can not ê not, the spiritual are maintained. Every child is not born with one for nothing. It is Allah’s way to tell us to always bear one. Then he reflected. In any case, after all these years, I forget how the head of my head looks, and I do not know how Id reacts to seeing myself without it.

But Ive defended our core program so much, I can certainly use a way to save face, Ahmadinejad pleaded.

No problem, answer the mullah. What if we have a cartoon of yours who handed an atomic bomb to the Europeans, but with a great big excitement smile? As before, they make a joke; then we make a joke back?

I like that. I always wanted to be in my own cartoon.

And you can be. After all, you are not Mohammed.

But where can I get a cartoon? President Amadinejad was wondering. We are just our leading cartoonist in prison for the insult of the Turkish minority.

The spiritual saw the trouble and then an inspiration came under his dark scalp. Tell him if he is doing well, let him out of the vowel.

You are so wise, excellence, answered the president. I’m calling the prison now.

No, no, go in person, advised the mullah. Then he can draw the cartoon while you get out of life, as unbelieving artists say.

Legal weather. I’m out of jail. He got up, and when he turned, he cried out, Allah, praised! Being the President is one thing. But to be in a cartoon, even Mohammed can not say!

Excuse me, said the mullah, a little surprised at the performance to Mohammed, and his finger blows for Ahmadinejad to come closer. You do not understand Mahmoud. The whole way you do yourself is to excuse you, my advice, a cartoon. Be more serious, like me. Then he pointed to his appreciated turban, he added, and at the same time you started to wear one of these sweaty sweets.


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