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Benefits and Importance of Exercise For Children

Benefits and Importance of Exercise For Children – Getting children to exercise is very good for maintaining their health, Mom. Not only his current health, but also his health when he grows up. In order for your little one to exercise, Mother needs to teach her about the importance of exercise.

Children love to play and run here and there, sometimes even it seems there is no fatigue. If your child is very active, you don’t need to worry, because basically, games or activities that make children move can be counted as sports.

Being active and exercising is not only good for children’s health, but can also support the development of the brain and maintain emotional stability. That is why, Mother needs to teach children early on about the importance of exercise.

This is the Benefits of Sports for Your Child

In order for your children to be invited to exercise, Mother needs to explain to her about how important exercise is to health. If necessary, associate the benefits of exercise with his ideals or dreams. Tell Your children that exercise can:

  • Improve brain development and learning ability.
  • Teach it to socialize.
  • Maintain body weight.
  • Maintain a healthy body and make the heart, muscles, bones and joints strong.
  • Make him sleep more soundly.
  • Avoid it from stress.
  • Help him to grow optimally.
  • Increasing his trust and making his mood better.

How often should your little one exercise?

Different ages, also different length of time of exercise recommended for children. The following is the explanation:

  • Children aged 1-4 years are encouraged to play active occasionally in a day, at least for 1 hour. This activity will usually make a child sweat, so it is considered tantamount to exercise.
  • Children aged 3-6 years (preschool) are encouraged to play actively or exercise for 120 minutes or 2 hours every day.
  • For children aged 5-18 years it is recommended to exercise for 1 hour every day.

To teach and familiarize your child with sports, Mother must involve father as well. If necessary, invite other family members to exercise together.

In addition, Mother also has to make sure that the sports that children do are appropriate for their age, so that they are not dangerous. For example, for children under the age of 5, Mother can take him to play scooter, trampoline, walk, dance, or swim. As for children over the age of 5, the choices of sports they can do are cycling, running, walking fast, or martial arts.

Even though exercise is good for your children health, you shouldn’t force it. The more forced, the more children can hate sports. Remember, the goal you want to achieve is for your child to love sports because they understand how important exercise is to health.

Make exercise a fun and awaited activity for children. Listen to his opinions about the types of sports he likes and doesn’t like. Mother and Father can also arrange a schedule to exercise together every week. That way, Mother and Father can also stay healthy, right?

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