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Fauci: Trump Already Has Temporary Immunity to Covid-19

Fauci: Trump Already Has Temporary Immunity to Covid-19 – Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of the United States (US) or NIAID, Anthony Fauci said, US President Donald Trump has now obtained temporary immunity to Covid-19. After testing negative for Covid-19, Trump said that he may now be immune to the virus.

Fauci said there was nothing wrong with Trump’s statement. He said that it is normal for a person to get temporary immunity if he is infected with a virus and then recovers.

“If what he means is he has been infected and has managed to recover, that he will not be infected again, that is true for a limited period of time. What we don’t know is how long that protection will last,” Fauci said, as reported by Sputnik on Tuesday (13). / 10/2020).

“So technically, the fact that he has recovered from an immunological point of view, he has an immune response in him – which will most likely protect him from re-infection,” he continued.

However, Fauci said that Trump must continue to implement health protocols, such as wearing a mask. He reminded that there were several people who were infected again, after successfully recovering from Covid1-19.

“So you really have to be careful that you are not completely immune,” he said.

Earlier, speaking during an interview with Fox News, Trump said he felt well and was unlikely to catch Covid-19, at least in the near future, because he already had immunity to the virus.

“I passed the highest exams, the highest standards and I am in great shape. It seems I am immune. I can get out of the dungeon. It seems I am immune to, I don’t know, maybe for a long time and maybe a short time, it could be a lifetime, nobody knows, but I am immune, “he said.

Trump then said that having immunity is like having a very strong shield against this virus. Therefore, Trump said he was pleased with the fact that he may have developed immunity against Covid-19.

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