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You can experience the benefits of Internet faxing yourself. By converting your email into your personal fax machine, you reduce communication costs and protect your information.

Through online fax service you can enjoy the following benefits:

Mobility: Receive and send faxes wherever you work on your existing email account: from your office, home, client office, airport or hotel.

Economical: no fax fees for remote locations, fax machine, and no alternative telephone connection needed!

Technical: If you have a free phone number on the Internet (USA and Canada), you can deliver your customers useful – they fax you for free, and it doesn’t add anything to your pocket. Help give your business a professional competence.

Privacy: Faxes are received and sent from your inbox from your email account – it doesn’t have to passively sit on the paper garbage bag for others to see.

Convenience: Fax is “always on” and removes the loss of faxes that were not received when the line is busy, or if you are far from the fax machine. Fax


Digital: is available at all times because it is on your system and safe. .

Online faxing is ideal for

Real Estate Agents

Mobile Workers

Small Business

Home Offices

Job Hunters


Community Groups

Mortgage Brokers

Fax online server is basically a group of software running on a host computer that is attached with one or more modems that are fax capable.These modems are connected to telephone lines. Its main purpose is to receive data from users, convert it into faxes and transmit it, and also to receive fax calls and either transmit it to users or to store the incoming documents involved. Users can talk to the server in many ways, over the Internet or a network. In a large enterprise with large fax traffic, the computer that houses the fax server is busy with the purpose, in which case the system itself is called a fax server.

use ways for outgoing faxes:

The user can send on differentThe user can send an email message to a specific email address; all messages are converted by a fax server that examines the address in fax format and transmits it.

The user commands his computer to print a document using a “fictitious printer” that sends the data to the fax server, which then sends it, instead of producing a paper printout,

several user interfaces are available for incoming faxes:

the user may be the one sent for each fax received an email message, with the pages embedded in the attachment, usually in PDF or TIFF format.

Incoming faxes can also be stored in a folder that the user can check.


Fax Services

Email Based – Receive your faxes via email via the Internet. All fax communications are easily backed up and stored for future use.

Cost-effective – A fax-to-email solution saves your business money at only $ 12.95 a month for up to 1,000 pages sent and received.

Convenient – No extra hardware or software is required

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