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3 Ways to Remove Fish Eyes, Warts and Calluses

3 Ways to Remove Fish Eyes, Warts and Calluses

Windowofworld.comHow to remove fish eyes, warts, and calluses ?, Fish eyes, warts, and calluses are diseases where the skin thickens. There are several ways to remove the eyes of fish, warts, and calluses. One way is to use topical medication containing keratolytic substances (skin thinning), such as salicylic acid.

Fish eyes, warts and calluses usually occur in the feet and hands, but can also appear in any part of the body. Calluses generally do not cause pain, whereas fish eyes and warts can be painful if they are stressed or subjected to friction.

Causes and Symptoms of Fish Eye, Warts and Calluses

Fish eyes and calluses appear as a form of skin protection against friction or pressure. Repeated friction or pressure causes thickening of the skin. Wearing shoes that don’t quite fit, often not wearing socks, playing musical instruments like a guitar, or often using hand tools, can increase the risk of forming fish or calluses. Both of these conditions are not contagious.

Meanwhile, warts are caused by viruses from the human papilloma virus (HPV) group. This HPV virus triggers cell growth which makes the outer layer of the skin thicken and harden. Warts are an infectious disease that can be transmitted through skin contact or sharing personal items, such as towels or razors, with people who have warts.


The following are some of the signs and symptoms of these three skin diseases:

1. Fish eye

Fish eye characteristics are small, thick, dry, and have a hard center surrounded by inflamed skin. The eye of the fish tends to grow on the legs that do not support the load. For example the top of the foot or toes. However, the eye of the fish can also grow in the soles of the feet around the arch and heel. If depressed, the eye of the fish that grows on the sole of the foot will feel painful.

2. Warts

Warts consist of various types depending on the shape and location. There is something like growing flesh, resembling a mole, or a flat shape with the surrounding skin.

3. Calluses

Calluses are larger than a fish’s eye, but are rarely painful. Calluses tend to grow on the part of the foot that supports the load, which is the sole of the foot. However, it can also occur in the hands or knees that often experience pressure. Calloused skin feels thicker, rough, and less sensitive.

Treating Fish Eyes, Warts and Calluses

One way to remove the fish eyes, warts, and calluses is keratolytic drugs that can thin the skin. Generally keratolytic drugs contain:

1. Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is a keratolytic substance that works by softening keratin, which causes hardening of the skin. The result, gradually thickening skin will experience thinning.
To treat warts, the required concentration of salicylic acid solution is 5-27%. Whereas to treat fish eye and calluses, the concentration needed is even higher, which is 12-27%.

2. Lactic acid

Lactic acid works by increasing the skin’s moisture, by trapping more water so the skin becomes softer. Lactic acid also has keratolytic properties that work similar to salicylic acid.

3. Polydocanol

Polydocanol acts as a local anesthetic and moisturizer, so it can reduce itching on dry and hardened skin.

Treatment of fish eyes, warts, and calluses using the three drug ingredients above, takes several days to several weeks. The thicker the thickening of the skin, the longer the time to get the expected results.

To speed up the softening of the skin tissue, you can cover the part of the skin that was given medicine using a gauze cloth. Although relatively safe to use, but salicylic acid can cause several side effects when used excessively, namely skin irritation, skin feels hot or sore, and a reddish feeling on the skin.

As an independent treatment at home, you can also thin the hard skin on the eyes of fish and calluses using pumice. The trick, soak the pumice in warm water, then gently rub the pumice in the eyes of fish or calluses. Use circular motions to remove layers of dead skin. The thing to remember, do not use sharp objects to peel the skin, because it can cause sores and infections.

Whereas to treat warts caused by a virus, your doctor may recommend other treatments and surgical procedures especially if the warts often grow back.

Fish eyes, warts, and calluses are usually quite cured using keratolytic drugs that are sold on the market. Use as directed on the package or recommended for use by a doctor and avoid applying the drug to healthy skin. But if the results are not visible, you are advised to visit a dermatologist.

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