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Flu Vaccine for Corona Virus Infection, Can It?

Flu Vaccine for Corona Virus Infection, Can It?

Windowofworld.com – The supply of flu vaccines in some countries has now been running low because many people believe that administering this vaccine can prevent Corona virus infection or COVID-19. The question is, is it true that the flu vaccine can prevent the Corona virus attack? So you are not mistaken, consider the following article.

At first glance, the symptoms of Corona virus infection look similar to flu symptoms. However, that does not mean administering the flu vaccine is also effective for preventing the Corona virus. Because the two diseases are caused by different types of viruses that require different vaccines to prevent it.

Benefits of Giving the Flu Vaccine to Corona Virus

The flu vaccine is designed to reduce the risk of infection with viruses that cause seasonal flu, not for Corona or COVID-19 virus infections. Even so, at least the administration of this vaccine can reduce the risk of severe symptoms of Corona virus infection. Why is that?

Symptoms caused by the Corona virus can vary from mild to severe and cause death. The weaker the body’s power, the more likely the symptoms of COVID-19 to be severe.


If someone has the flu, his immune system will be weaker than when he was in good health. If at the same time the person is infected with the Corona virus, the body’s ability to block the virus is reduced and the infection can develop to become severe.

So, the flu vaccine may be given to adults and children, but the thing to remember, this vaccine can not protect someone from Corona virus infection. COVID-19 prevention measures advocated by the Indonesian government and by the World Health Organization (WHO) are more effective at protecting you from the Corona virus than administering a flu vaccine.

Prevention of Corona Virus Infection

Until now, there is no vaccine to prevent Corona virus infection. Researchers are still racing against time to develop the vaccine so that the COVID-19 pandemic can be resolved soon.

Because the COVID-19 vaccine is still not available, you need to protect yourself well to avoid infection with this virus. Preventive steps you can take are:

1. Increase endurance

A strong immune system can protect you from various diseases, including COVID-19. To maintain and increase endurance, consume healthy foods, such as vegetables, fruits, fish, and lean meat.

In addition, you are also advised to exercise regularly, get enough sleep, and stay away from cigarette smoke and alcoholic drinks. You can also take vitamin and mineral supplements as recommended by your doctor, especially if the intake of nutrients from food alone is not enough.

2. Wash your hands properly

Washing your hands properly is an effective way to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. It is recommended that you wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

If you are on a journey and find it difficult to find water and soap, clean your hands with a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol to disinfect.

3. Keeping distance from others

You are also advised to do social distancing by keeping a distance from others at least 1 meter. In addition, as much as possible avoid the crowd and reduce traveling outside the house if it is not too important. This action can prevent the spread of COVID-19.

4. Use a mask when sick

If you are sick, use a mask. The use of masks can prevent transmission of Corona virus from person to person. The reason is, someone who has been infected with the Corona virus can transmit the virus to others through saliva splashes when coughing or sneezing.

Giving a flu vaccine for the Corona virus is not effective. Given that the Corona virus vaccine has not been found, you are advised to continue to take the precautionary measures above. If you are sick, avoid traveling outside the home except to see a doctor.

If you have further questions regarding Corona virus infection, both in terms of symptoms and prevention, don’t hesitate to chat directly to the Alodokter application. You can also make a doctor’s appointment at the hospital through this application.

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