For the sake of TikTok content, this dog cried when forced to eat a bowl of chili chicken – A German shepherd can be seen crying shedding tears after the owner forced him to eat a bowl of chilli chicken in a live streaming video for TikTok video content.

Those dog eating parties are currently trending online in China called “chibo” or “mukbang”, which means broadcast feeding. The dog owner’s cruel act is thought to have taken place in China, but TikTok creators did not provide details on its location.

According to the Daily Mirror report, Friday (18/9/2020), this online trend initially started with vloggers filming themselves eating large amounts of food, but some social media users have used their pets in making video content.

The Chinese government itself has cracked down on the food party phenomenon broadcast on social media after accusing such behavior of increasing food waste in the country.

The government bans all content from popular live streaming sites like Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, but pet owners have taken advantage and started doing it to their dogs.

In this condemned video clip, an owner feeds his German shepherd a bowl full of Sichuan chili chicken, which gives off a tingling and numb sensation.

“Okay, let’s give our handsome Shuaishuai a taste of Chongqing. This is a plate of chili chicken,” the man who owns the dog said in the video.

The German shepherd was seen crying with tears streaming down the corners of his eyes while eating the spicy dish. “He’s enjoying it,” the man continued.

Users of the short video app are calling for a ban on using adorable pets to get click rates and urge users to report such videos.

A pet lover commented; “That dog is definitely not enjoying it, stop it now!”

Other short video application users commented; “He couldn’t take it anymore, it was too hot for a dog. It was too cruel to look at.”