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Free Unlimited Movie Download, Music Videos, Software, Video Games


Free Unlimited Movie Download, Music Videos, Software, Video Games

Free Unlimited Movie Downloads, Music Videos, Software, Video Games and More

Unconditional Download Speed. 200 X faster!

Download movies in 70 minutes! – Unlimited Free Direct Movie Downloads as shown below.

Not a P2P network! – Search for your movies as if you’re looking for Google!

Find any movie fast and easy, download, watch and burn any movie! – Free 24 hour technical support – No delivery fee! No Spyware or Adware! – Highest quality DVD MoviesFormat largest direct database network on the internet – watch your movies on your computer or home DVD device! – Over 100 million download

download software: Antispyware, Antivirus, DVD / CD Burner, Office Suite, Design and Photo, Video Editing, Internet Accelerator, Development

Download Music: Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, R & B, Classical, Jazz , Techno, Blues, Christian, Country, Heavy Metal, Dance, Latino, World Music, Metal, Hard Rock, International

Download Movies: Action, Suspense, Cartoons, TV Series and Shows, Classic, Horror, Manga, Romance, Science Fiction, Western , Trailers, Download Documentary

Games: New Releases, Action, Strategy, Role Play, Sports, Management, Adventure, Simulations,

High Speed ​​Network Downloads

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What are members receiving?

Members use an exclusive database network to search and download all their favorite movies directly to their computer without using P2P networks (file sharing).

We are part of the fastest database network on the Internet, with over 100 million DVD quality that are always updated.

Members can download free movies at extreme speed, directly to their computers.

Are you compatible with Mac / Linux?


Yes. Our services are compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

What exactly is ExpressMovieDownloads?

ExpressMovieDownloads is a personal service specifically designed for downloading movies directly linked to an extensive high speed database server network available to all members and developed to provide a user-friendly and enjoyable high speed download experience, download times to to minimize the minimum.

ExpressMovieDownloads provides direct database downloads, but also the fastest and safest P2P software in the market today.

With regard to the P2P software offered, we must include it as a result of popular demand. Although it is proven spyware / adware for free (we do not offer kazaa-like programs) so that our members can securely connect to the Internet on the Internet 24/7.

Our main policy is computer security.

What is the difference between Regular and Premium Access?

We currently offer two members you can choose:

Regular Access: This allows you to download unlimited movie for 1 year, 2 years or forever (without expiration date).

Premium Access: It also offers access to unlimited movie downloads for 1 year, 2 years or forever (without expiry date), including a very easy to use DVD burning software. So you can make your own big DVD collection and all your downloaded movies on any home, car, portable or computer DVD player.

How much time does it take to download a movie?

As mentioned above, we connect to an extended high speed database server network to the minimum download times. You can download an ordinary size movie within just over an hour with a standard broadband connection.

How much time does it take to take a movie? Is this complicated?

To take a movie is sometimes a slower process than to download the movie yourself!

This is not a complicated process at all, as our software is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. Full instructions are provided.

The recording process of a movie can be divided into two easy steps:

1.- Encoding (our software automatically executes it in about 45 minutes).

2.- Burning (our software will automatically do it in about 25 minutes).

All in all, you need to have a brand new DVD in an hour.

Can I watch my recorded movies on any home or car DVD player?

Yes. Once you’ve finished recording your movie, the DVD that plays out will play on any DVD device, even on the first (older) DVD players that were marketed a few years ago.

Can I watch the downloaded movies on my computer?

Definitely. For this we provide the necessary software only if your computer has not installed a DVD player.

Are there any restrictions on downloads?

The answer to this question is a simple NO.

No matter which membership you choose, you will be able to download as much as you want or need. You will not be charged by download or DVD burned. Expiry dates are the only restrictions you will find.

We recommend applying for our new unlimited access company. We are constantly receiving a high number of users who need to register again because their membership has expired.

Are there any fees for download or branding?

Not at all.

We are not a “Pay Per Download” service or something similar.

You can download as many movies as you like, and record as many DVD movies as you like.

The DVD software that is given to all Premium members is for them to keep!

How fast are the downloads?

Movies will download 300 times faster than any other service you may have tried or tried.

Users of dial-up modem connections will slow down download speed as broadband users, but will always experience much higher than expected download speed.

Does ExpressMovieDownloads anything but movies?

Yes. Although ExpressMovieDownloads is a dedicated movie download service, we also offer thousands of full CD albums, full games, full software and more. You will find almost everything you are looking for in our large database network.

How easy is the search and download process?

Very easy. You are searching for your item as if you are searching for any search engine, and once you’ve found your item, just click on it and the download will begin.

Even if you are not computer-friendly, detailed instructions are readily available to our members 24/7. We strive to provide our members with satisfaction and assistance to make sure they enjoy the benefits our website offers. You are guaranteed to be clear in English about every aspect of search, download and burning of files.

Do I need extra hardware?

Not at all. If you have an internet connection, you’re done.

Today, any computer is a CD or DVD writer, and this is what you need to record your downloaded movies. The movie that we create is included in all bonus companies, you will record downloaded movies to CD or DVD.

This means that you only need a regular CD writer to record your movies!

How can I take my downloads?

Full instructions and software are included in all Premium Access Memberships and the process is very easy. No need to be computer literate.

Is my registration safe and confidential?

Absolutely. We do not store personal or credit card information.

We use a 128-bit encrypted, secure credit card processor that confirms the validity of your credit card directly with your bank in real time. A world leader in encrypted credit card safe processes. Your registration will be represented by a unique receipt number that matches an email. The e-mail address we will contact you if necessary.

Will I be paid again?

Not at all. All memberships are one-time charges and you will not experience any surcharges.

We are not a subscription or a payment per download. Members load as much as they want, unlimited, during their membership. Once a membership has been canceled due to expiry or execution of our 60 day full refund, access to members’ territories will automatically be refused.

What is the “Unlimited Access” then?

“Unlimited Access” is our new special account with no expiration date.

It really saves you money!

This is the best choice because many users have to buy a second membership due to expiration dates and ultimately spend more money than they would have if they chose a lifetime membership first. It depends on you!

How are repayments?

We will process any refund request within the next 60 days of purchase.

Any membership is entitled to a 60-day full refund guarantee. In other words, new customers enjoy a 60-day trial.

Can I join Japanese Yen?

No. The only allowed currency is USD (United States Dollar).

There are many online currency conversion services available. Search for them on google and use any of them to calculate how much a membership will be in your own currency.

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