FreeCell Solitaire Strategy Tips

FreeCell Solitaire is an extremely addictive solitaire card game invented by Paul Alfille. It is fun and very skill dependent. Almost every game of FreeCell Solitaire can be won with perfect play. Only several FreeCell swings are known to be insoluble. This makes FreeCell card games much more interesting and popular than solitaire variations like Klondike, where luck is a big factor in the game. With FreeCell, victory mostly depends on skill.

You have a better chance of winning if you plan your strategy carefully. Below you will find some simple rules that can help you win FreeCell on a more regular basis.

  1. Study the tableau carefully before moving. It is very important to plan different moves ahead. The obvious movements are not always the best.
  2. Make it a priority to free all the Aces and Deuces, especially if they are buried deep behind the higher cards. Move it to the house cells as early as possible.
  3. Try to keep as many free cells as possible. Be careful! Once all free cells are filled, you have almost no room to exercise. And your ability to exercise is key to this game. Make sure you have no alternative before placing cards in the free cells.
  4. Try to make a blank column as soon as possible. Empty columns are more important than free cells. Each blank column can be used to store a complete series instead of a single map. And that doubles the length of an ordered series of cards that can be moved from one tableau to another. (If the long sequence involves both empty tables and free cells, it is often called a supermove.)
  5. If possible, fill an empty column with a long descending row starting with a King.
  6. Do not move cards to the home pages too quickly. You may need these cards later to manipulate lower cards from other packs.

Some FreeCell Solitaire offerings are solvable very quickly, while others take more time to resolve. Playing the same shuffle in different ways will be the most difficult to complete. The more you play, the more games you can complete. Continue to use the strategy above, and soon you will achieve better results and improve your enjoyment of playing FreeCell Solitaire.