Gas is not Gitin No Cheaper Mountain Man

The Tennessee Watching with horror as the price of crude oil continues to slide and record highs drop to over $ 100.00 a barrel. Regardless of the price of crude oil, the political forces want you and I to pay a minimum of $ 5.00 a gallon for ordinary unleaded fuel, and they won’t stop until they reach their goals,

they really want us to -fueled bikes have to walk and / or drive (for our own health you don’t understand) while driving around in their SUVs and private airplanes, powered by monstrous two-jet engines, so they don’t lose the speaking money.

Don’t know or give them them that fuel costs directly to customers not amount for each commodity in the world? the more you took to get to dacomputerman store or rekenaar man to come to you, the higher the cost for computer repair period!

If online rekenaar her set trucks used for gasoline all week for $ 10.00 and now their computer services 1 must spend more than $ 10.00 per day on fuel; Customers and computer technology both spend too much to get from one point to another before starting data recovery or data recovery.

Of course, there are things that help fuel costs stay low, such as keeping your car tuned properly and inflating your tires while driving responsibly. But alas, they only help so much.

Granted (for at least at least) fuel costs less in the U.S. than in other corners of the world, but when the computer man first spent two chunks for a gallon of gas on top of Sand Mountain in Jackson County, Alabama, today’s fire is burning greedy just his # @ * &!

Sorry, but the Tennessee Mountain Man is just an old college-educated idiot who can’t help but believe we can do much better. In the Internet era when external computer repair is available and outsourced, the services are 50 percent more efficient than a home equity fund should be able to do better … much better. We have engineers who have improved everything, but avoid its fuel efficiency! PLEASE !!!!!

Here are some options, da computerman found. I’m going to save for the last, so don’t worry about me now.

  1. Cars are built cheaper with cheaper parts than ever before. Then it is sold at excessive profit margins because it is so efficient.?!

Tennessee Computer Man is not looking forward to the new car models arriving in the showroom since 1968, about ten years before he lost interest in the Cumberland Valley Shows arriving on the country’s fairgrounds.

  1. There are semi-electric cars and hybrid SUVs that stop us from coming back to unfulfilled promises.

I don’t know about anyone else, but for the computer guy the idea of ​​buying a rate there with the idea of ​​going to the dentist.

  1. Rape by unscrupulous businessmen has brought us pills and powders that do pretty much nothing to help fuel costs, but they can certainly light a wallet over and over.
  2. There is the MLM 4-E Corporation, Ethos Fuel Herformuleerder 3-in-1 product which claims:

Save fuel and oil

Reduce wear and tear on the engine

Reduce emissions

With Ethos Fuel Herformuleerder save you fuel, saving oil and save you wear on u engine! Make it smoother, cleaner and more powerful with our custom-made, non-toxic ester blend. Cost: Of course, you can order it as low as $ 100.00 a gallon … make gasoline cheap for the old computer man’s help desk!

  1. The Motley Fool says that the only way is to reduce costs, and we refuse to take it.

NOTE: Did you know that you can convert your car to a car running in a few minutes? You can do it yourself, and you can do it for less than $ 100.00!

But it’s like the people who are always seeking direct wealth on the internet. Some people promise to sell the formula to you, and they make good money talking about it if they could just give it away. Why? It takes work!

This cannot be done within two hours a day, let alone the half hour they are promoting and people are simply too lazy to take the necessary steps to achieve their goals.

Barley flour, instant grains, instant coffee and fast food all took a generation to spoil.

For example, if I told you, “within two days you can index your blog on the major search engines on the internet, but you need to do things”?

Or, what if I told you, “your car will mainly run on water, but you need to make some changes that most anyone can do for him or her with parts available in the world”?

By the way, both statements are true.

  1. What if we wean ourselves and our foreign oil vehicles and travel cheaper … much cheaper … when and how and where and in what we please? Impossible? Not at all !!! Stop burning gas and start burning water.

Don’t pull the plug, at least check it out.

How much do you pay for gas? What if you could cut it in at least half with a one-time cost of about $ 100.00 USD?

How much will it save you each week? How long will it take to recover that $ 100.00 investment?

Would it help you with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holidays and their intrinsic expenses now at your door?