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8 Ways to Get Pregnant Quickly After Miscarriage

8 Ways to Get Pregnant Quickly After Miscarriage

Windowofworld.com – Having a miscarriage is a blow for every woman. Even so, don’t let sadness continue to envelop your life. The opportunity to have more children is still open. For those of you who can’t wait to get a baby, don’t worry. There are 8 ways to get pregnant quickly after a miscarriage that can be used as a guide.

The chance to get pregnant and give birth smoothly is greater if you live a healthy lifestyle, both before and during the pregnancy program.

How to Get Pregnant Fast Can Be Done?

There are a number of things you can do to try to accelerate pregnancy again after a miscarriage. At least, there are eight ways that can be tried, namely:

1. Avoid stress

Stress can damage the workings and hormonal balance that controls the ovaries to release eggs (ovulation). The result, your ovulation becomes late or does not even occur at all. In fact, one way to get pregnant quickly is to have sex during ovulation or fertility.


Try to get rid of stress from your life. Do things that can relax the body and mind.

2. No need to rush

After experiencing a miscarriage, usually women will experience emotional turmoil. Calm yourself first, give yourself time until you feel ready to get pregnant. No need to rush. In addition, there is no need to force a method that might be successful by others. Because, a way to get pregnant quickly is not always the same in one woman with another.

3. Exercise routine

This activity does have many benefits, one of which increases your chances of getting pregnant. However, there is no need to do excessive exercise, because excessive exercise can actually have the opposite effect, which makes the body not ovulate.

To help speed up pregnancy, you are advised to do light but routine exercise. For example, walking fast for half an hour. Do this habit five times a week.

4. Consumption of fertile foods

Start eating foods that can make you get pregnant faster. For example, dark green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach. These vegetables contain high levels of folic acid and B vitamins which help improve ovulation. Not only for women, vegetables with high folate levels also make sperm healthier. In addition to reducing genetic problems in infants, these foods also help reduce the risk of miscarriage. Other foods that also have a good effect on the uterus during pregnancy after a miscarriage are nuts, pumpkin seeds, and dairy products, including ice cream.

5. Limit drinks containing caffeine

There are several studies which state that caffeine can inhibit a person’s ability to get pregnant. Although the truth has not been proven, there is no harm in limiting or avoiding things that might make it difficult for you to have offspring. Examples of drinks containing caffeine are coffee, tea, soda drinks and energy drinks.

6. Avoid cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs

As we know, smoking, excessive alcohol content, and drugs, are not good for health. So it’s best to leave this unhealthy habit if you want to get pregnant quickly.

7. Having sex at the right time

The right time for sexual intercourse is when the ovary releases an egg (ovulation). You can also have sex a few days before ovulation, because sperm can survive in a woman’s body for a maximum of five days. The period leading up to and when ovulation is referred to as the fertile period.

8. Check with the doctor

Going to a gynecologist is very important if you want to get pregnant again after a miscarriage. Your doctor can examine your condition and take care if you have certain conditions that make it difficult for you to get pregnant. The doctor may also perform various additional examinations, such as blood and chromosome tests, to find out the cause of miscarriage so that it does not happen again later.

As long as you apply the method of getting pregnant quickly after the miscarriage above, keep consistently distancing your mind from negative things. Always cultivate positive thoughts. Believe and believe that you still have a chance to undergo a healthy pregnancy and become a mother.

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