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Graduated from S2 Unair, this Ethiopian girl was hit by a dilemma

Graduated from S2 Unair, this Ethiopian girl was hit by a dilemma – A dilemma hit an Ethiopian girl who had just finished her master’s education at Airlangga University (Unair), Lucky Tedeleh. Lucky admitted that he was confused when he wanted to leave Indonesia to return to his country, Ethiopia. On the one hand he misses his family and country, but on the other hand, he also loves and feels very hard to leave Indonesia.

Lucky said this to the Indonesian Ambassador in Addis Ababa, Al Busyra Basnur, three days after he landed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Lucky earned an M.A. in the field of International Relations from the campus located in Surabaya, East Java with a GPA of 3.74.

Lucky admits that he is eager to work in a field that can improve relations and cooperation between Indonesia and Ethiopia.

“Many Indonesians don’t know about Ethiopia and vice versa, there are also many Ethiopians who don’t know Indonesia well,” said Lucky in a release received by Sindonews, Thursday (14/10/2020).

The Indonesian Ambassador appreciated Lucky’s success in completing his studies in Indonesia, among others, by sending flowers and greeting cards, directly escorted by the embassy driver to Lucky’s residence on Monday (12/10). After receiving the flowers Lucky sent an electronic letter to Ambassador Al Busyra.

In the letter, Lucky said he was very happy and moved to receive congratulatory flowers from the Indonesian Ambassador. He is also proud to have won a master’s degree at a prestigious university in Indonesia. Finally, Lucky invited the Indonesian Ambassador to visit his house.

“With pleasure, I will come to Lucky’s house and get acquainted with his family,” said Al Busyra responding to Lucky’s invitation.

As information, when Ambassador Al Busyra delivered a public lecture at FISIP Unair on August 29, 2019, Lucky was one of the foreign students from Africa who attended the lecture.

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